Is India's Captain Cool?

2015 Cricket world cup is going on. But, the senior cricketers like Sehwag, Gambir, and Yuvraj is not in the team. It must be noted that Sehwag and Gambir have an unimaginable form in the Ranji Crickets. And Yuvi is just recovering from the deadly cancer disease. In this occasion is it a fair decision taken by Dhoni to spoil the opportunity of them. The main thing we want to be make sure that Shikar Dhawan was out of form before this World Cup started. We can easily find that it is the bias decision of Dhoni to include Ashwin, Jadeja(out of form), Raina(Out of form), who were the players of Chennai Super Kings with Dhoni. The Most sad thing is that these senior players will not be fit for the next world cup. So, the chance to get a good retirement is not possible now. Anyway now Team India is playing well. Let's Pray that the glory must come to India back. If it does not happen People Won't be cool at our captain Cool.