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    How to score more marks in my university exams ?

    Hello friends, I am posting this thread as my MG university BTech degree examinations are on the way and i would like to know some tips and rules which i can follow while writing my engineering exams as it is getting little bit tougher. More than that the evaluation pattern of the university is also very weird and how should i write to score more marks. Suggestions and tips invited.
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    First I have to say "There is no shortcut to Success,its only handwork".you can earn more marks by structuring your answer in the answer paper.I have to remind you that you should write 100 words and 20 lines within a single side of an answer sheet or they will consider first 100 word as a page even its on the second sheet!.when you start answering,do not go direct answer.first you have to write the general description about the topics.then if there is any classification,write it then go to the main topic then describe last just write some conclusion about the topic.make these in different can include diagrams at middle of paragraph.may be these tips will help you.

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