Was P M Modi right in associating with V Natesan for political gains?

The first visit of Modi, PM to Kerala raked up severe controversies. First the invitation to the CM and the subsequent withdrawal. Second the unveiling the bust of Late R Shankar an ex-CM and Congress leader. Third reducing the SNDP, the institution to propage the ideas of Sri Guru to that of Ezhava Community, while SNDP is to propagate the idea of universality of human beings. By associating in the events Modi has made a mistake. He is a constitutional head at national level, but was a party to the insult of the constitutional head of the State. After making the mistake he should have corrected the position. But did nothing.

The trial to appropriate the legacy of late R Shankar is of course in tune with the national policy of BJP. They have no leader who fought for the freedom of the country. So they try to pick up one or other leader and try to project as their own. But the family members of Late R Shankar not only dissociated with the attempt but joined the prayer function. The function of PM supposed to honor the leader Shankar has reduced him to the stature of an Ezhava leader rather than a freedom fighter freedom fighter and CM of the state of Kerala.

Another aspect is that there is a say that a man is known by the Company he keeps. By being in the company of Natesan, who is facing a probe for a serious crime, PM has put to ridicule himself in the eyes of people.