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    A step for our Earth.

    Dear friends ,
    Topics like global warming and CO2 increase in atmosphere is burning in the society. We all have heard many steps to prevent and decrease them but still they are still ineffective. So what my friends have to do is share some tips and tricks that will be very effective in solving the issues.The steps put forward must be new and very much practical and should be very easy to be carried out. I hope everyone will cooperate with my humble discussion. I am eagerly waiting for your reply have a nice day my friends.
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    good article

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    it would be very good if my SPK friends shared some effective ways to stop global warming. And i thank everyone for viewing my article. Scooter sales in our country is rising up and recently i heard about the introduction of CNG scooters and it would be a great help to mother nature if people started buying those CNG two wheelers if they plan to buy one. It would be rather cheap and cost efficient.

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    Hi allen,
    As you said, global warming is a growing concern. The earth we live on is getting more and more polluted day by day. All the people know about the bad affects of their activities, but no one is bothered to change their lifestyle. Serious measures should be taken to ensure that no more harms will be caused to earth. Some of the precautions to be taken are;
    1. Plastic use should be completely avoided. Eventhough plastics are banned, we still find large number of people using various plastic products. This has to be avoided and serious measures should be taken against those who break this rule.
    2. Perfumes that contribute to global warming should be banned.
    3. No smoking.
    4. People should use private vehicles than public ones.
    5. More and more number of plants should be planted and no more trees should be cut.

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