Kerala politics and our responsibilities

Hi friends,

Now one more time we have to elect our new government. For what ? God knows, no one is honest in politics now days. But one thing we have to admit, that LDF or UDF both are the same. Helping each other to make money or to achieve their goals. We all know, what happend in Delhi, An ordinary person wondered here and there for social justice and corruption but no one bothered him, finally he decided to fight for the people and formed a party. Delhi people, trusted him and his honesty. Given him mandate. Today its the best state government in India. Both BJP and Congress are now in a dilemma. Beware all party members, be serious, do some thing for the people your own place and state. we are electing you because you are a leader and being in a good party. but if you don't act or just indulge in corruption for money or for some group of people then it will be biggest mistake. Be honest to your party and people. Don't play with the police for some persons whom you know. Time will come when judiciary its self come and stand against you all. Police are the eyes and hands of our Judiciary system don't make our judiciary blind and sense less. One of the politician called our Judiciary "Shubban Maar" no wonder, he was correct. Although he was punished for the comment. But one thing our Judiciary society have admit that politicians are making fun and fool of them. while interrupting our police and law keepers. Can't our Judiciary system do some thing for this menace.

Come all my fellow citizen of Keralite. Let us choose a good person don't go for the party name. If a person is good and have clean image let he be elected for being part of government. if not don't elect any one choose "None of these" This power is given us by the supreme court of India. Lets excercise our electoral right. God bless you all my fellow country man.