Abduction and abuse of Actress

The abduction and humiliation of a leading actress of Malayalam and other Southern regional states is a heinous, barbaric and condemnable incident. The guilty should be given exemplary punishment. As per the media reports, the actress was waylaid and taken to private place disrobed, taken snaps of the nude, and sexually abused her by Goondas at the behest of a leading actor. In the beginning when the leading actor was arrested, all celebrities including the CM was siding the leading actor against the victim. But thanks to the foresight of the Kerala Police personnel involved, every one including the CM had to retrace their stand. The leading actor controlled 'AMMA' not only dropped the support of the leading actor, but went a step ahead of removing him from all posts. The bale applications by the lead actor in various courts were rejected as the courts were convinced of the prima facie involvement of the actor. If the charges against the actor is true, he should not be shown any leniency due to his position in the entertainment industry. Let us hope that all the accused are tried fairly and punished suitably when proved guilty.