Pinarayi's house

This refers to tiyems forum message and suresh babu;s views on pinarayi's house.
to sursh, ofcourse every one has the right to own and live in a palace of his choice. but he must be accountable to the source of income as a social worker.Obviously cpm has invested nearly 3000crore rupees in the last3 years.
EMS memorial,hospital,kairali channel and head office building,NOW. Nayanar memorial,altogther 3000 crores. they claim it is worker's and peasant's get this contribution, all the 3 crore people of kerala need to contribute 1000 rupees each which cannot be true, meaning they have big contributors like santiago martin. if there is nothing to hide, why dont they publish a list of contributors who contributed over 50000Rs????
That is again not possible as the figures the donor gave and the figures in the records may not tally.long live democracy.