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    Why Cricket

    Why Cricket is so much popular in India?
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    because it's said by an indian while sachin is playing in a match, " If cricket is my religion, then sachin is my god"

    no wonder, in india cricket is a mad thing


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    Of course Cricket was popular in India before Sachin started to play
    . It was the Britishers who introduced cricket in India..From that time onwards cricket was played in many of the regions in India.
    But the World Cup win in 1983 and the wide spread and well organized management of BCCI gave a great audience for Cricket in India..Later Sachin became the God & Brand Ambassador of Cricket..By the performance of Team India under Sourav Ganguly's captaincy, a new vigor was seen in Indian team,which attracted a lot more fans..
    At last, with the great success of so called Twent 20 format and the Indian Premier League, It attracted a lot viewers including women..Now team India is the best team in The world
    Viva la India

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    Cricket is not the only Sports which is popular in India. We, Keralites are more fond of Football than Cricket. Cricket has become more popular mainly because of involvement of lot of money and more frequent matches in different forms like Tests, One Day and 20:20. Infact, when we were ruled by the Britishers, Lord Arthur Wellesley (later Duke of Willington)launched Cricket in 18th Century at Thallassery in Kerala. He formed "Thalassery Town Cricket Club" in 1860 and this was the FIRST CRICKET CLUB IN INDIA which was renamed as "Town Cricket Club". Spider Kerala Net members/readers would have no doubt now, why cricket is popular in india.
    Sreekumar Nair

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    Media is the main cause of the popularity of the Cricket in India.Actually the popular game of the world is Soccer or Football.But the continuous propaganda through the printed media and visual media youths attention are diverted to Cricket.They see that cricket players get more respect , more cash and more power in society than any other players.But they don't understand that these are received only in 10 or 12 countries out of 190 or more countries in the world.But a soccer player has fame every where in the world.So media does all the thing here.

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