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    Shreya case and continuation of accusing priests.....

    After mandhamaruthy case, abhaya case(not yet came to a picture) once again a priest is involved in a murder case(so called??)
    In the recently occured case of death of Shreya at accept krupa bhavan during the time of a camp had raised again hands against the priests...Do you believe that the priests are the culprits??? Or is it another third rated politics of medias and the people with vested interest to devalue the church and the priests???
    Let us descuss...
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    Some people are misusing this sad incident to devalue the sacred priesthood of catholic priests. They argue that they should be allowed to go for marriage.Is this a solution?? Such cases are more reported from the societies having marriages. So its too bad to comment like this on the priesthood of the catholic church. Though some incidents are reported, it is not a matter for generalization.This is a minority.99.9% does their life in a sacred manner. But, these problems not only exists within catholic priests, but also among other communities and religions where the marriage is allowed.
    Secondly what happens now in this case is horrible. Pointing to a priest in these cases for what he may be totally unaware, is the biggest cruelty that a society can do to a priest. The parishioners, church and those who know the priest believes that he is innocent.But what happens is the third rated politics and marketing agendas of medias.Medical reports points to drowning..and no marks of physical tortures.Parents and relatives accepting that the girl has a serious mental problem of walking unconsciously in the midst of sleeping.Yet the medias insists that the priest killed her.
    Why this case should be compared with Abhaya case, which has not yet given the verdict.Where is Fr. Benedict case now, The accused in mandhamaruthy case.which hit the scenario some decades ago. What was d enjoyment of d medias when he was sentenced to death by the judicial court. But later he was let free by the upper court and at last.The relatives of the murder confessed to him,,at the last stages of his life.
    Accusing the priest for the present case is just like this.

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    Now the church has come up with strong arguments in these issues. Dr.Mani Puthiyidom, PRO of the Archdiocese of Changanacherry argued that 'the interest in accusing priests and church' is due to the orders from higher officials. He pointed out that one of the police officers who were indecent to Sr Seffy (Accused in Abhaya case) secretly said to her that "please pardon us, we can't do anything. It's the order.." He also argued that the present moves in shreya case is just to devalue the church and the priests. Even though the medical reports and circumstantial evidences proved it was just drowning and no other attempts of any kind of compulsions were reported. But some one with vested interest want the priests to be arrested for murder and child abuse!!!
    He also said that Bedsheets,Pants,Shirts and vests of the priest had been taken under custody. Remembering the Fr. Benedict case, he argued that in that case, evidences were made after taking the bedsheets into custody

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    Thomas what i have to say is only a few word.There are many priest and Swamjis around us,most of them are lairs in my view ,when you have a deeper relation or friendly relation with them you can see that they are not truthfull inside as seen outside.I have seen lots of priests and swamijis talking to women very friendly and hugging them as if they were married to each other.
    Its time already for all the Human beings to pray to God directly instead of relying on these cheats .

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    dear manu,
    As i mentioned above, this is not a matter of generalization. These priests are also human beings and will have all weaknesses of humans. So a few of them may be leading a life not suited for priesthood. But this is just a minority and there are many priests who live for others, leading a saintly priesthood. Bachelor-ship is the foundation stone of catholic priests. Its so much important to them. Married priests are not allowed in catholic churches. So if any finger gets pointed to their bachelor ship, it will hurt them hard. These people leads such a life only to serve us, but not for their benefits. If they need benefits, there are many other things they can go for, but not the priesthood. So the priests should be given much respect.

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    Hai Thomas,I dont want to fight with you but want to mention a few things as you have said that "These priests are also human beings and will have all weaknesses of humans. So a few of them may be leading a life not suited for priesthood".They are living as bachelor but who knows what is the truth,i am not pointing or not hurting anyone.If they do commit any sins God has answer for them in future.

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