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    What is your solution to curb the rampant corruption in India?

    This thread is to discuss the solution for bringing down corruption in India.
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    Corruption has now become like a cancerous disease. There should be special agencies(non governmental)which should go in check the regular activities of the government.It's so appreciable that a man like Julian Assange has come forward to bring out the truths which were under cover for long years. Like wise it is the need of the hour to have such alternative ways to bring an end to corruption.
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    Biju Cherian

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    Corruption is part of everyone's life. All Indians are accustomed to it, as a part of his / her body. Whom we can isolate ? Do we have any department which is not corrupt ? Till this time, this disease was not affecting the judiciary and the fourth estate ( the press ); but now a days, the skeleton from their cupboards have also started to come out. For me, the process for elimination of corruption in society is called CBAD. C stands for cleansing, B for balancing, A for activating and D for defending. Cleansing should be at the root level, book the corrupt and punish them IMMEDIATELY with the help of judiciary, publish their crime widely, socially boycott them; fund for elections should be accounted and politics should be only for the election purpose. After cleansing, the balancing act is to be done in all areas with which wastage are eliminated. Balancing act brings an equilibrium for growth orientation. Activating is the act of replacing the corruption with simplicity, sincerity, industriousness and honesty. Defending from the temptations of ill deeds, corruption, laziness, greediness is the final step for the long run. Result will be fantastic and time bound. Once these four alphabets of English are put into practice in a single area/State and bring out the results, our children can dream of a corruption free India. Will our future Govt under UDF dare to attempt, to start the exercise from our tiny State, Kerala ? Nothing is impossible, goes the adage.
    Sreekumar Nair

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