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    Use of Mobiles in Educational Institutions

    Today's most vulnerable facility is Mobile Phone. 50% of the mobile phone users are misusing the facility particularly in lower educational institutions. There should be an awareness programme in all educational institutions particularly on the risks involving health hazards. Increased use of wireless communication raise concern on health risks. Due to the proximity of brain to the radiation antenna, risks like Brain tumour exist as it absorb a good amount of electromagnetic energy. What is the need of Mobile phone for a student in Kerala up to the level of Graduation ? Ar they not mis-using the phones ? Though the Schools have banned the Mobiles, how many Schools in Kerala have implemented the order ? Is it not possible ? Today, Mathrubhumi carried a news from the Principal of the Govt Polytecnic College,Koratti that students carrying Mobile phones will have to pay Rs 1000.00 as penalty. My topic, therefore, is : Do you agree to my opinion that the mobile phones in educational institutions should be totally banned and students should be punished strictly on violation of the ban. Study classes, at least once in a month should be organised to create awareness on the health hazards of the wireless communication.
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    Hai Sreekumar,

    I am fully agreeing with you on above topic. Also I want to add something to it. While mobile usage in educational Institutions is not only a risk factor to our health, but also a social crisis in our society. So many Schools are strictly banned it and still continuing. On the otherhand majority of institutions are not taking care about this major issue.

    Charging fine on mobile usage is one action which we can welcome. The other institutions also should dare to take similar actions and stick with this strategy to avoid health risks and misusage of mobile phones in Educational Institutions.

    Institutions should ban mobile strictly and arrange other options to communicate in the case of any emergency. Also need to check students in daily manner and should arrange any treatment to keep away mobiles from students.

    The parents of students also have an important role in this issue. If they are doing so, it will be more effective. They also should stern against the mobile usage and try to convince their sons and daughters about the dangers of mobile usage and future problems.

    To reduce health issue, need to give awareness of following to all.

    * For using standered mobiles which produce harmless radiations

    * About good handling habits

    * To use loud speaker while talking, if possible.

    * Avoiding headset and blutooth usage

    * About keeping seperate safety pouch for mobiles.

    Anyhow let's hope a good recognizing from Educational institutions in this issue.

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    From my view mobiles should be allowed to a certain extent,i meant to say that if parents can control their kids its ok for them to have a mobile.for eg in olden days 1990-1999 ,girls go to school and they reach back home safely on time due to the goodness of society,but in todays case if a girl is late there are a lot of factors for the parents to worry as compared to the periods mentioned above,so it better to have a mobile for girls.The same also has a bad no.s of girls getting into wrong hands, they misusing it to lure the girls for different financial gains other material gains thus creating problems for the parents of girls.Currently lots of problem has been caused to parents of girls those who have blackmailed by videos,lots of girls have been cheated and their body is recorded on mobile cameras and put on the internet for others to enjoy.Boys also cause lots of problems,they use bluetooth to send these sex videos to their friends.

    Mobile phone should not be allowed to use in school premises. If anyone found using should be issued a fine and warned of serious punishment if the same occurs in future.

    I had an experience in 2007 during my +2 , i had my mobile with me during school hours,unknowing that i am in school a relative of me called me , the teachers came to know about it and my phone was confiscated by the school authorities,i even had to bring my parents to school hoping to get back my phone but i got the phone after 6 months and that was after my board exams.That was a bit of harsh punishment..

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    Mr Babu's and Mr Manu's versions are well accepted. Ultimately, use of mobile should be controlled and control should be self imposed. A student should understand that his/her mission is education and hence a mobile is out of place in syllabus. Awareness about the consequences causing health hazards is casual. It should be widespread particularly amongst the student community. Once banned totally, lot of hanky panky incidents occuring in Academic institutions will have a control, though not eradicated.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

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    Mobile phones are the necessary evil of the time.All Indians have their own mobile phones now which is really a great achievement.At the same time it had made many social problems.The recent increase of social evils like rape,harassment etc are indirectly an after effect of mobile phone usage by non matured hands.

    Recently a photograph of a teacher spread in Internet with her private parts exposed.It was taken by a student of her own when she humbled to take a chalk on the ground!To where this culture is then going?So I think there should be a restriction to mobile phone in all campuses.

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    A very good topic put up for discussion

    I believe that mobile phones are double edged weapons.when used properly they are real boon to present times.given the amount of advancement and various other aspects of technological and social advancement i personally believe that mobile phones are very much essential the present time

    But i am very much against the usage of mobile phones in the educational institutions , especially the schools.i really do not see any reason why a school going child should have a mobile in his hand.

    A very recent experiments done in a very reputed research centre,wherein an egg was placed in between two mobiles which were rang the end of 32 hrs of this experiment the egg was coagulated just with the radiations of the mobile networking system.just think what would be the state of our brain!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone should wake up and realize,mobiles are as hazardous as smoking and alcohol........

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    Mobiles are a boon and an inevitable thing.Like any other electronic media,mobiles have become a necessity in our day to day life.Think of an IT professional.IT companies show no mercy to any its workers including women who deserves a much more attention and care in our present day society.Working late,he/she doesn't know when they will reach home.He or she might have friends and family,but what help can they serve if they could'nt contact them at the right time of emergency.

    But are mobiles inevitable and a boon for students?Of course it is a boon to them.But is it inevitable for them?The news of increasing "mischieves" by high school,under graduate and graduate mobile handlers are so shocking that it's better not to mention.Now,mobiles have become equivalent to a hidden pocket gun.In fact,a gun does little harm compared to mobiles nowadays.Multi feature mobiles are like Pandora's box capable of sucking out it's handler's innocence.

    Whom to blame in the case of mischieves done by student mobile handlers?Less can we shower blame on school authorities.Even if the school authorities ban mobiles on school premises and punitives like fines are imposed,how effectively can they stop smart and cunning students.In a class of more than fifty students,how can a single teacher monitor the actions of each and every student apart from teaching.If the whole class or half of the class enjoy and appreciate the "mischief" then how can anyone prevent a disaster.These accidents can be prevented to some extent by starting a monitoring and vigilance committee under school teachers and students in every schools to check the rampant use of mobiles.But this is nearly impossible when it comes to practical level.Further,no school will start such an initiative when they give priority to other matters.

    So,the finger of blame should be pointed towards the parents who perpetuate and nurture this menace indirectly.It is because each and every parent believes that their child is innocent and will never under any circumstance inflict harm on others through anything including mobiles.Moreover these parents believe that mobiles are inevitable for students also.

    An effective way is to conduct regular parents teachers meeting.A better communication between parents and teachers will resolve many issues.Teachers and parents who occupy most of the student's time are the best people to effectively monitor a student's action.Their relationship should reach to such a point where the parents do not shy away from giving information concerning their children.The "not so strict"parents can rely on the teachers to pressurize their children and vice versa.The "fear"element in students which is a necessity to some extent can be effectively constructed when they know that they are being watched closely by two powerful authorities.

    Last but not the least,the role of government and public is also important in this matter.For most graduate and post graduate students(hostel students and long distance travelling students) mobiles are inevitable.Government should give directions to mobile companies to make exclusive students mobiles.These mobiles must have simple features like calling facility,messaging with low inbox memory,alarm clocks,reminders etc,that is no cameras,no bluetooths etc.If the mobile companies do not abide to these orders then either their mobiles with extra features or if neccessary the company products as a whole has to be put under severe restrictions in the market.

    The role of public cannot be neglected.If a person see a student using multi feature phone,then he must inform either the student's parents or the school authorities.Thus the use of mobile phones particularly multi feature phones outside home and inside schools can be strictly checked.

    Ever tried.Ever failed.No matter.Try again.Fail again.Fail better.

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    Though Mobile is the important and present mode of effective communication it is proving to be a disadvantage for the student community. Students are supposed to have interest in studies and keeping mobile with them only distract their attention. Institutions always have a land line and in case of emergencies the information can be passed through that. Students must not use the mobiles and it should be allowed only after completing studies.
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    Mobile phone usage in Educational institution is a Good Topic to Discuss. At the age of 16 if the student get a mobile phone from his parent, his/her studying ability will automatically decreases. He became weak in Studying. If a student use the mobile phone in school at this age,all other students in his/her class will be attracted in that thing. and they creates force in hisHome gor getting one mobile phone.This will cause less concentration in studying.

    Therer are many complaints in PTA (Parent Teachers Association )Meetings. Teachers are complaining that students played with their phones, listened to music and received calls in classrooms. Parents give mobiles to students because of their Childs Safety. Parents always wants to know that Where there childrens are and what is happening.But this will cause lazy in nature of their childrens.

    Above 18 years of Age they will leave Their Higher secondary and they will plans to doing some degree course. at htis age The Mobile phone is not very toxic as in their study. At that age they got some courage to learn thinks quickly.

    In college all students should switch off their Mobile phones at the College time. Courts are Banned The mobile phones in the College. But all students bring their phones . Nobody knows nothing whether he had a mobile phone or not.
    Their is no Squads in colleges to catch the use of mobile phone in College.

    In my Opinion, students should give some respectivecooperation to the courts law .Each students have to switch of their Mobile phone at least in the time of College time.



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    This is a very good topic and I congratulate M Sri S K Nair for bringing out the topic for discussion. On going through his article and the comments of most of the persons, It is observed that the overwhelming majority are in favour of not allowing students to have mobile phones.

    I fully agree with the sentiment. There is no necessity for a student to have a mobile phone. As author and many of the commentators pointed out it is injurious to health, is a potential threat in the hands of mischievous students to other innocent students, is great distraction from studies and is a source of wasteful expenditure.
    According to me, the main culprits are the parents who are either over indulgent to their children and want to show off to others of the facilities provided by them to their children or they want to be free from giving attention or care and provide the mobiles to divert the attentions of their children.Whatever may be the reason, it is very bad not only for the children but also to the society itself, as these children are the future generation.
    The institutions should be vigilant to the use of mobiles by the students. Of course, as many point out that the teachers may not be able to find out the mobiles of all the students. But one thing is to be remembered as the old saying "pala naal kallan oru naal pedum" (thieves of many days will be be caught one day. The mischieves ones will be eventually caught. The punishments should be a heavy penality, confiscation of the mobile and a warning. In the beginning itself, the parents should be warned and an undertaking taken from them every year to admit/ continue the studies of their children.
    This will prevent the misuse of the mobile in educational. institutions.

    Whilst on this I may also add that the authorities should be strict in implementing the rules of not allowing the use mobile while driving, in places of worship etc by any body.

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    Tku Mr Ramanathan.. Your comments are note worthy. The use or say misuse of Mobiles in institutions are so rampant and it becomes difficult to the Managements to apply control on it. However, I am sure, if the PTAs can act, this can be curbed to some extent and my belief is that only PTAs can do it sans force.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

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    I think that the use of Mobiles in Educational Institutions. is not good. Now a days in the Advanced World The use of Mobile phone is a general thing. All want to have Mobiles. But in case of Educational Institutions It is not good. We go to College for studying and in the studying time the ringing of Mobile can distract the mind of others. Both the Student and Faculty should avoid the use of Mobile phone in Educational Institutions.
    One other thing is that to use Mobile a lot can cause the health problems also. The mobile phones produce radiations(bia Signals) which are very dangerous for our minds. So my thinking is that the use of Mobiles in Educational Institutions should be totally banned.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat.

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