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    Politics in Educational Institutions

    Comparing to other states, the eduction in Kerala is not so good!!
    Why a student who completed his entire eduction in Kerala is not competitive to the students came from other states.Our students should be totally isolated from the school / college politics. Politics in schools and colleges should be eradicated. A student should be a student in all respect. He/she should not
    be the agent of our present politicians or political parties.
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    Despite the fact that a state of most literate in the country, kerala's students fail when it comes to their progress in the job-market, where knowledge and skills are most important.

    Irrespective of developing their skills during those college day's students most of the students have influential effect with the politics in the colleges, even in some schools, as the previous penetration of political parties inside the campus, students of forthcoming years has also fell in to their prey which in turn resulting in the quality of their outcome when they complete their education that too remember not all the students.

    Government should restrict the parties intervention by very-good laws which will help the students to take study in to their main consideration, then only the quality of the keralite students will improve.

    Any way we have very bright students who are getting out from the colleges in a very effective way, but for our sadness prestigious institutes of kerala is not having enough students to rake in the research side.

    :( , what to do ?


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    I have feeling that the remarks given in the above two postings are just based on hearsay. It may be wise if statistical supports are given to them. Try to find out how many from Kerala are absorbed in institutions/firms outside the State and what is the percentage of them to the total. (Perhaps Bangalore firms may give a realistic picture).

    The pattern of school education followed in Kerala has been modified, which is giving a very different approach in teaching and learning. It is 'student-centred'. The approach has since been recognised at the national level and even the CBSE and other central systems are getting modified accordingly.

    At present, from a good percentage of families in Kerala, one or more members are employed in foreign countries, especially in USA. Kerala is a small state and the population also is limited with lesser increase.(Lowest birth rate is in Kerala). So, proportionately the number of persons getting employment in different organizations will be less. I don't think it has anything to do with the quality of education.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    The forum is to discuss Politics in educational institutions. I was a college student in 70s. The students were having politics then but it was limited to few unlike the present era when the 'few' is apolitical. Lot of difference in the atmosphere not only in colleges but everywhere. Let there be politics in educational institutions but it should be within the campus and for the sake of learning politics. Head of the Institution helped and associated by the faculties enjoy a pivotal responsibility to ensure that students politics remain calm and do not cross the 'laxman rekha'. All educational institutions should accept students politics subject to conditions (1) Neither the Principal nor the Faculties wear politician's dress (2) No working hours of the classes will be spared (3) No outside politicians or the Police force will visit the Institution during the working hours (4) Code of conduct for all students (5) College Union office bearers should be the role model for co-students and hence only meritorious senior students will bear the badges of bearers. These are only few. Charity begins at home. Education Minister should be bold enough to appoint only apolitical and academicians at the University, College, Senate levels and if so, one can weed out the bad politics from the campuses and bring good politicians to the fore for tomorrow's ruling of the State. Otherwise, the present trend will become worse tomorrow.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

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    I am not a politician.But I will not say politics should be eradicated from campuses.The main reason is that India is a democratic country.THe initial lessons of democracy is learnt from campuses.Many Indian political leaders are emerged from campuses.

    But the present scenario is different.In those olden days there were rivalry in party only.But now it had spread to the minds of its members.As a result it had made one's own classmate as his enemey.This is not a good result.To stop this some control over campus politics is required.

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    Dear friends,
    There is no doubt that the type of politics now prevailing in some of the colleges must be controlled or even thrown out.

    But politics, useful for the development of the institution or even the country must be encouraged. It must be a contest between ideologies, not 'gundaism' as seen in many campuses. Outsiders should not be allowed to interfere in the campus politics.

    There are several issues in the country in which the students also have to contribute. They must know about it, for which related discussions must take place in the campus. That is also politics. It need not be 'party politics'.

    Gold Member, SPK

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