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    Winning chances of LDF

    Based on the recent Panchayat election results, one can easily predict that the LDF will be in no position to form the next Government in Kerala.
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    Panchayat elections cannot be taken as yard stick for predicting state elections. Both are fought on different scenerio. Kerala voters are intelligent enought and knows whom to make the power and powerless.

    K Mohan

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    Yes absolutely right Mr K Mohan, the people of Kerala are intelligent and they will never do any blunders this time. The results of Loksabha elections and panchayath elections proves that. In both these elections, they gave their vote to the UDF which was actually sleeping. But they didn't gave their votes to LDF which was much more active in campaigning(even though they were trying to hide their actual faces and faults and trying to ensure as much as votes as possible). Hence no chance for LDF this time. If UDF woks up from their sleep and fought unitedly, the conditions of LDF will be extremely pathetic, even pathetic than Bengal...LDF has no more time to make any moves and it is time up. Any moves at this moment will be rated and labeled only as a planned move to bag the votes, but not to serve the people..

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    It is only natural to expect the trend in the Lok sabha and Panchayath elections may be repeated in the ensuing assembly elections also. But it may also be noted that the LDF could improve their position after the Loksabha elections. The defeat at Panchayaths was not so severe as that in the Loksabha elections. Hence the trend can change very easily in the Assembly elections.

    Also there are instances when the Kerala voters opted for UDF to the Centre while the same group opted LDF to rule the state. In fact it is mainly the middle class in the State which decides which group should come to power. Their decision is very often based on their day to day experiences and problems. For example the miserable road condition affects this group, mainly those who take their own vehicle to work place. In fact the people in Kochi voted against the LDF in the Corporation elections mainly because of this issue. (There are other issues also). Definitely this coming months can witness lots of repair works and starting of several new projects.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Its a fact that Panchayat elections cannot be used as a scale to measure/predict the winners of Assembly elections. i also agree with this. In Local Bodies elections, different minor factors such as Family, personal relationships etc..come into play in a much higher degree But that is not the case with Assembly elections.Here, the ruling government's past deeds are carefully analyzed by the people and all the times there will be anti occupancy/ anti- govrnmental feeling in people. So they will decide to vote against the ruling party. This is expected this time also.

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    Of late, the conditions and scenario have changed a lot. People, in general, do not find anything against the ruling front. They have a feeling that the LDF could do many things during the last five years. In sectors such as agriculture, transport, health, education, employment, industries, fisheries, etc. many results are there to be pointed out.

    Introduction of KSRTC buses in the Cochin city was a real gift to the people of this city, especially for the commuters. They were very often got stranded in bus stops by the private bus operators and employees, because of their sudden strikes.
    Rice cultivation has improved by bringing more area under cultivation, which were earlier lying without doing any cultivation.

    The Government schools have started showing good results and these institutions can now compete with any other such institutions.
    Same is the case with Govt. Hospitals. Like this in most of the sectors good results are there.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Hello Mr Thomas Cherian

    I dint understand why the So called "intelligent people" of Kerala voting for a sleeping front. Have you ever hear the united front fighting the election unitedly, they are united for things as Comrade V.S Achuthandan stated

    And please be clarify us the What you mean by this statement "even though they were trying to hide their actual faces and faults and trying to ensure as much as votes as possible"

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    It can be possible that LDF will be in no position to form the next Government in Kerala after Panchayat election results. In the present time the parties in LDF are Communist Party of India (Marxist),Communist Party of India,Janata Dal (Secular),Nationalist Congress Party,Revolutionary Socialist Party (India),Indian National League,Kerala Congress (Thomas),Congress(S).
    These are good names and they can get good position in this election 2011.

    With Regards

    Gopal Singh Rawat

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    Hello Mr T.M.Sankaran sir

    Special credit must be given to Dr Thomas Issac, the Treasury has not run out of money

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    It is very good and interesting to note that the members have made very good analysis of the situation in Kerala and have given their opinions from their respective perspectives.

    Some members have felt that according to the trends of Panchayath and Lok Sabha elections, the LDF is having less chance than the UDF. Some have felt that the voters of Kerala have been electing LDF & UDF alternatively due to the anti incumbency factor. Hence this time it is the chance of UDF. Some have given the opinion that since the LDF could not show much during the past 5 years, this time the voters may prefer UDF.

    There are some who feels that the financial position of the Government is good thanks to Dr Thomas Isaac. Somebody else felt that the LDF has shown all round progress like introduction of buses in Cochin City, improvement in the area of paddy cultivation, yield increase in agriculture, improvement in the Government Institutions like the schools and hospitals and so on and hence the voters may be inclined to go for LDF.

    What I feel is that there is very little to choose between the 2 fronts. That is why the voters of Kerala had been changing the Governments from LDF to UDF and vice versa. There is a saying in Malayalam that "onam vannalum, unni pirannalum Korane kangi Kumbililthanne". Instead of allowing only one front to misrule/loot, the fronts are selected alternatively. As far as industrialisatin is concerned, Kerala may be competing perhaps only with the West Bengal Government in maintaining the stagnation. If the UDF try to do something, the LDF will put all obstacles and if the LDF try to do something, the UDF will put the spokes. Both are following the policy of 'dog in the manger. Since about 30 to 40 years, one or more member/s from almost each house of Kerala was going out to Gulf, USA or other places for employment and they are supporting their families. Hence the financial conditions of Keralite are not very bad. On the contrary the purchasing power of families are good and there is good trade. In fact because of this position, the labour is prohibitively costly and people from other states like Bihar, Orissa etc are coming and doing all sorts of work for cheaper rates.

    Till about 2 months back it was like a sure bet for the UDF. But in the last 2-3 months, Mr Achuthanadan had done some tricks like making show that he is against corruption by exposing persons like P J Thomas, whom he only recommended earlier to the center. He has also used the tricks followed in other states like giving food items at cheaper rates. These acts had marginally tilted the opinion in favour of LDF.

    As far as the unity within each of the fronts and within each of the parties of both the the fronts are concerned, it is a thamasha to the public.
    I feel that this time Kerala my go the way the center and some of the states like Jharkhand, chathisgar, Karnataka etc where the Governments are formed on the basis of horse-trading. The BJP can expect to open their innings in Kerala.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    It is very interesting to judge the condition before and it is also a tight situation. In the present time the condition of Kerala's election so much hot. All parties are trying win the election. They are giving people many speech and trying to get their vote. Well i think LDF can win this election in many places and get the good percentage of votes also.

    With Regards

    Gopal Singh Rawat

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    Hello Ramanathan A R sir

    I think there need to be more clarification over PJ Thomas issue, as of my knowledge, thomas was the senor most officer at his time and i think it was mentioned that Thomas is a involved in the pamoil case when he was recommended by the govt.

    And one more thing that are not tricks but facts, it was not brought in to light by V.S but some relatives and friends of the accused.

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