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    Why should Mr.Oommen Chandy be the next Chief Minister of Kerala?

    This forum thread is to get views from the members regarding the question 'Why should Mr.Oommen Chandy be the next Chief Minister of Kerala?'
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    Mr Oommen Chandy is the most favourable choice the UDF has got for the next Chief ministership. He was in that chair for a brief spell of two years. He did not fare badly during that tenure. Moreover, he has been in the State politics, I mean only in the State Politics but not in the National picture, for quite some time and he has been the forceful leader of Opposition. Naturally, the mantle should fall on him only. If he takes oath to the 'thorny' but pleasant seat, I have no doubt, he can simply deliver the goods at the right time. Ofcourse, the entire envronment depends upon the composition of the Team of UDF. Mr Oommn Chandy has fair chance of becoming the Chief Minister in 2011. However, in politics, nothing is pre planned. Dame luck should also play a part as more and more youngsters are in the field with their groupism. He is ably supported by his friend, AK Antony whose role is pivotal in today's Congress party - even he is second to the Leader, Mrs Sonia Gandhi. From all angles, Mr Oommen Chandy may not find a competitor and Congress party, with its poor performance in Bihar recently will not force any Central intervention in 2011.
    Sreekumar Nair

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    Oommen Chandy has the great chance of becoming CM of this state next time. Out of the current lot of leaders he has some plus points to excel over others and can lead the Kerala to new heights. Let the election comes and see how he will elevate himself.

    K Mohan

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    Mr Oommen chandy, present leader of opposition and the former chief minister is well known for his commitment to his duty and the common people. He is an efficient leader with great potential. He is the brain behind the kochi smart city project. Even though, he was in the chair of chief minister, only for a short period, he was able to prove his potential and to do a lot for the welfare of the state. His policy of 'Athivegam bahudooram' was a great success. He knows the diplomacy and political tactics well. Also he has a clean political image. He is also from a minority and is in well co-operation with all social and religious leaders. So he can also deal the present situation of conflicts between some communities and the government. In all aspects, Oommen chandy is the most eligible candidate for the chief minister post.

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    Mr Oommen chandy can become the next Chief minister.The problem is that as soon as his ministry comes to control they all will demolish all the development plans made by the previous government, the same will happen after 5 years,fed up with this ministry people will select Ldf ...the will come to demolish all developments made by Udf...this will go on for ever...The ExpressHighway project made during Bjp s rule is an example , as soon as Congress led government came the project was wiped out,it was just an example.

    We the citizens are always fooled and these ministers always make a lot of money,arresting a minister for possessing wealth more than his income is only in words,Pinarayi Vijayan everyone here knows that he has stolen crores of money in Lavlin case.why is'nt he tried in court as a thief.The government can take all his posessions ,strip him and put that money into government treasury for the development of poor people .Will that ever happen,there are lots of people in kerala itself who have crores of blackmoney,atleast some of them can be caught and stripped of their money.

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    Mr Oommen Chandy will be the Next Chief Minister of Kerala.
    There is no doubt Regarding This ,because he is the leader of Congress Legislature Party till now. His activities in the year 2004 to 2006(in this year he wass the chifef minister of kerala) was satisfacory as compared to current Chief ministers activities.

    Oommen chandy is Now the Leader of Opposition party(Congress Legislature Party).Why the Congress Legislature party Choose him as The leader,Because He Should be more active and Confidential.Shri Oommen Chandy whose social and political career stretches over four decades, has been elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly eight times.

    Oommen Chandy Now Turns to The Age 66 years.on those years he have a Great Experience in political Field.
    He has made his indelible mark during his long career in public life. Sanctioning of Unemployment Allowance, introducing welfare measures for the labourers, uniform modification of police personnel are some of them.

    In the Next Election Results,Shri Oommen Chandy Will be the 21th Chief Minister of Kerala.

    Ranjith Kumar

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    Oommen Chandy is the most favourable of all the people

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    Today the people of Kerala are going to select the representatives to form the next Government. As of now it will be very difficult to predict the outcome. About a month back it was a forgone conclusion that the UDF will come to power this time. This sitation slightly changed due top various factors, one of the same being the scams at the center and the agitation by a group of people supported by the media. However, the topic is Why should Oommen Chandy be the next Chief Minister? So I am not goiong into the detaoils of the results of the election.

    Mr Oommen Chandy is a politician who has come from the grass roots level. He has come up by his hard work and merit. He was in the state politics for about 4 decades. He was not involved in any controversary.

    Mr Oommen Chandy is a down to earth person with whom the common people will be comfortable with. He has kept the image as a simple personality. He is able to go along with the various leaders of his party and that of other parties, who are the constituents of UDF. He is also having comfortable communications levels with the other paraties who are in the opposite camps like the LDF, BJP etc.

    He has already worked as the chief minister for about 2 years and has worked as the oppositin leader for a full term. He will be aware of point of views of the ruling and opposition fronts on all issues and will be in a position to take correct decisions. Since the Congress High Command has allowed him to lead the front in the election, it is clear that the top leaders of the party are having confidence in him.

    In case he is elected as C M, Kerala can expect to see some change for the better by way of all round development of the state s he is not involved in any controversaries.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Reasons for Shri Oommen Chandy to be the next CM of Kerala:

    1. Experienced politician
    2. Mature and experienced administrator
    3. Ability to reach out to the people
    4. Business acumen, in the sense he can bring investors to the State and thereby help in the economic growth of Kerala


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    I think that Mr.Oommen Chandy will be the next Chief Minister of Kerala. The reasons for this are as under:
    Mr. Oommen Chandy is a great politician. In the present time from UDF side He is most intelligent and experienced person. He was also the Chief Minister Of Kerala from 2004 to 2006. So he has ability to become Chief Minister of Kerala. In his political life he got many positions like Labour and Housing Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister.

    With Regards,
    Gopal Singh Rawat

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