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    Do you think Kochi Smartcity project will become a reality? Let us discuss

    The Smartcity project was introduced several years ago, but nothing has happened so far other than acquiring the land and laying the foundation stone for the Smartcity company.

    Do you think this project will work out and we can see some good progress in Kerala IT sector?

    Who is responsible for this delay? Was Smartcity project a realestate business? Can Smartcity help Kerala get a place in the global IT map?

    Let us share our views on Kochi Smartcity project.
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    Kochi Smart city project has been in the news for wrong reasons. Ever since foundation stone for the Rs.1,500 crore ($335 million) Smart City Kochi IT project was laid three years ago this project has been receiving the world attention. . Smart City Dubai was supposed to develop this project in an area of 246 acres of land near the airport. But offlate the hope on the project is going off. The developers are alleging that Kerala Govt is delaying the project for the reasons best known to them. Some matters regarding sale of excess land is going on and it will be sorted out shortly. Hope soon good sense prevail on both sides and project takes off.

    K Mohan

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    Kochi smart City is proposed to be located at Kakkanad and the identified spot is in the middle of Kakkanad and Kizhekambalam. This proposed Rs 1500 Crore project was envisaging employment to around one lakh people. The project is kept in the cold storage for the last three long years. Had the Kerala Govt shown some sort of willingness, the project would have been a reality by now. What ever be the issues, following the dictum that nothing is impossible, efforts should have been taken to ensure that the Smart City is launched in Kerala. This is a basic need for the, otherwise under-developed State. The climatic conditions would have been conducive enough to attract other Industrialists to this small State. I do not know, when we the Keralite will drown our egos in Arabian Sea and open the doors for development of the State.
    Sreekumar Nair

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    The smart city project was a dream of every Keralite.A city like the internet city in Dubai is really not able to establish in a place like India by its government.But when Dubai Government itself came to front to establish a smart city in Kerala our state government extended its willingness to start by realising the opportunities that it will create.But as usual many controversies came.Most of them were political in nature as the credit is honoured by parties.But now all the disputes are over.If no new dispute rise its head the construction work will start within three months and Kochi as well as Kerala will become smart in front of the world.

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    Yes I think Kochi SmartCity project will become a reality. Kochi SmartCity is a planned IT township to be constructed in Kochi, Kerala.
    Smart City Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture company formed to develop the Kochi Smart City project. In this project the share of Government of Kerala is 16% and the share of TECOM Investments and Sama Dubai is 84%. This project envisions 8.8 million sq. ft. of built up space out of which at least 6.21 million sq. ft. will be specifically for IT oriented services. This project is expectedly provided about over 90,000 direct jobs.

    With Regards

    Gopal singh Rawat

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    This thread is an old one, but nevertheless the topic for discussion is very much current so let's put in our views.

    Yes, I feel that one day Kochi SmartCity will be a reality. In the first place, there is too much money involved & it makes no sense to back out and let money go down the drain!

    Moreover, there is much more than money at stake. Firstly, with elections around the corner, many parties have been using the project as a platform to grab votes. That is, they are promising voters that the project will come to light. They will have to keep up that promise!

    Secondly, the Kochi SmartCity project is being done in alliance with an international group. It will look bad if the Govt. backs out & will create a negative impression to international project developers who wish to invest in Kerala.

    Finally, the Kochi SmartCity project will create plenty of job opportunities and will thereby encourage people to work in the State instead of flying off to other States, not to mention Gulf countries (most Indians working in the Gulf are from Kerala).


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    The Smart City project will work out and we can see some good progress as a project. By now both the fronts might have made money from the project developers. Only a small hitch is there still. Originally the UDF approved the project and went out of power after that. The LDF came to power and they wanted to score a point over the UDF to show that LDF is the only one interested in the best interest of Kerala.
    Apart from that, Achuthanandan wanted also to show that in the LDF he is the only one interested in the benefit of Kerala to settle his score with the party group opposed to him.

    In the normal course by now the project should have started. Since the election intervened, it is on hold. After the result is announced the new Government will take charge. Whichever front forms the Government, there will be some minor changes made in the latest agreement between the Government and the Project Developers just to make it appear that the new Government is one up in this matter matter of interest of Kerala. The only exception will be if LDF forms the Government and Achuthanandan becomes Chief Minister as he is now already one up as of now. It is very remote chance for him to get one more chance, even if LDF gets majority.

    Since the show or drama is going to be only for public consumption, the parties concerned will show as if some change is made which is better than the latest one, only a short time will take. Then the project can be expected to start, may in another 2 years time.

    Now as to the point of whether we can see any good progress in IT sector because of this project, it depends on some factors. The main factor to determine this is the 2 fronts. If both the fronts were having any interest in the development of Kerala, there could have been some progress already. But both the fronts are interested in scoring points over the others' ideas, so it will be very difficult for any progress. Because of the opportunist stand taken so far by the fronts, now for both of them to forget the past and work constructively will be extremely difficult.

    However, let us hope that whoever come to sit in power and opposition, they work together with the common aim of developing Kerala State.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Hope next government will take initiatives to start smart city project.

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