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    A Mass leader

    When Sri Achuthanandan took over as the Chief Minister of our state in 2006, I still remember, he has said that he wanted to make the state a West Bengal with respect to the number of years the CPM rules the state. He was so confident that he will make Kerala an all time CPM ruled state. His intention was genuine and good. But, the recently held Panchayath election resulsts shows that his dreams are nowhere now. During the last 5 years, somewhere he lost his confidence. He as a 'leader of common people'. But, how and where his calculations went wrong? Anybody knows?
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    People cannot be taken for granted always. A voter is an intelligent lot now and politicians are often going wrong to access them. See the performance of Nitish Kumar, if you are performing well to the satisfaction of mass, then no one or force can stop from re electing. If Achudhanandan is performing well, he need not worry for the reelections and Kerala electorates are educated lot.

    K Mohan

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    Kerala voters are well educated and hence surely this time no tricks of LDF to 'make darkness by keeping the eyes closed' will not work this time. Kerala had suffered very much during the past 5 years. Even though the government rotates every time with UDF and LDF,, the intensity and depth of the defeat can point to the government ratings...Even though VS tried to attain social support, by his firm decisions, he was forced to changed his stands the very next day by the party officials. But now he became firm...But sadly this is not the time, the time had gone away...The atheist and 'self oriented' motives of the communist party had a great impact on common people. Methran kayal issue, Lavlin case, education policy and the words of communist leaders against religious leaders, will also have its own impacts

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    When we look the past 25th years of Kerala Politics, we can see that if first left comes into power then in the next election right will be the domain. When almost all the politicians took over their post, they will grant many wishes to the people. The poor people believe that all...Mr.CM said in that sense only. VS does not have his on stand. He says something a day, the next day he changes his stand. But, once there are many good Communist leaders who have one decision and works for the public.

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