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  • Category: Point Blank

    Do you think the government should ban Endosulfan?

    Even though there are massive protests for the ban of killer pesticide Endosulfan,it still haunts why the central government is moving backward to ban this pesticide.Even Endosulfan is banned by the US citing health risks for farm workers and wildlife. But our government is playing with the life of the people.
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    Yes Endosulfan is to be banned forth with. There is concern over the acute toxicity of endosulfan. The World Health Organization classifies endosulfan in Category 2 (moderately hazardous). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies it as Category Ib (highly hazardous) pesticide. It is readily absorbed by the stomach, by the lungs, and through the skin, meaning that all routes of exposure can pose a hazard.

    Even though govt knows all this, it is yet to be banned here. May good sense prevail on the planners.

    K Mohan

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    Endosulfan should be banned permanently. This should have no place in our country and the agrarian sector. This is one of the most dangerous 'killer pesticide' man had ever produced. It is shame on the governments to play dirty politrics, rather than banning this. In the name of producing better quality products, Endosulfan is producing quality 'venoms' which can kill the humans in piece by piece. In spite of all these, Endosulfan is readily available in our markets. It is a most dangerous condition. Even though many commissions reported this as a big curse and we have many living evidences, governments play around here and there. Why is it like this? Are they not concerned with our health and life?
    Many studies pointed out biological pesticides, which can prevent pesticides more efficiently than this Endosulfan. As they are biological, they are eco friendly too. Even then governments and agencies promote Endosulfan!!!what a pathetic condition. If the government wish to save the people, they must surely ban this deadly poison.

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    Endosulfan has already proved that it is a very dangerous pesticide. There is need to have another study on this matter. the Government is reluctant to ban it, why? Is it because the same is produced by a company in the public sector ? Hindustan Insecticides Limited (HIL) manufacture this and several other pesticides.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Endosulfan and similar pesticides should be totally banned not only in the State but all over the Country. They are quite dangerous. Our Body is of 80% acidic and 20% alkaline whereas it should have been vice-verse. The main reason is the toxin consumed by us through the vegetables. It is high time, we Keralites started reacting for our brothers in Kasargod etc. Otherwise, this will spread to other parts also.
    Sreekumar Nair

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