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    Politics or Politrics?

    How we can believe in the political parties after seeing the corruption of these politicians those who claimed that they are serving both the people and the country. This is so pathetic and nasty.
    What's your opinion?
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    Foremost let me welcome you to spiderkerala. Good to start with an excellent thread.
    Its true that the politicians who claim that they are for serving the people, the real motive is identified as a process of money making.Politics has now become the easiest way of looting money form the public. In real sense we do not have such a leader who can be called as the people's leader. But we do not have only 2 choice let before us.We are left with the option to select either the Congress or the Communist. The whole system in under corruption. It will only be a mock play by arresting the small fishes. The real culprits who loot the state are still behind the screen.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Renjith you have started a good thread with a nice caption. Yes Politics has become a way of trics to fool the public including you and me. We put lots of faith and elected our leaders with valuable votes, and the MP or MLA is just busy in accumulating the losses he incurred by way of mass corruptions much to our annoying. We must have the option to recall back the elected leaders.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Its absolutely right. Now a days politics has no scope in Indian scenario. Only the 'Politrics' has it. Politicians and Political parties are willing to do anything to ensure their power and make their pockets bigger and bigger. One will be elected as a candidate of a party and next day he will be in power with the other party...Money rules the common men..but not the government. If you have money, you can rule..the government will be just like a puppet in your hand, provided you must give as much as money required to fulfill its hunger and thirsty...Money to get contracts, Money to decide ministers, money to ask questions in parliament, money to support and oppose government, money to move a file from one table to the another in government offices...Its money,money,money every where...This gives rise to Politrics which is all about playing Politics with money power and muscle power.

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    I am not a politician.I have no left or right allignment.I think politics is really a politricks.Once some one told "Politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel".It is exactly correct.

    Just look our 2G spectrum scam.This took place in Congress lead UPA ministry's time in Telecom department.THe accused was DMK minister Mr.Raja.DMK was once strongly left aligned party.Years ago when Congress was in power another congress minister named Mr.Sukhram have to resign due to corruption accuse from the same Telecom department.

    On that day Sukhram collected enough money and lived the rest time in "Sukham".Now Raja had enough money to become a "Raja" in life.

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    It is said that we get what we deserve. In case of politics and politricks it is not different. While there may be about 5% of the population who may not be corrupt, the rest are corrupt. If we just keep an eye on ourselves, our neibhors and our colleagues in offices, we will be surprised to find a very few who can be counted on the fingers who are above corruption.

    Every time election comes, all parties come out with promises which are not supposed to be made like giving rice or other pulses at Rs 2 or 3 per kg and about 30 to 40 kgs of the same to a family. Then there are the promises of television or other household items to be given free. Where the governments, which ever party they may belong to, have to go to make up the deficit between the cost and the price charged. We give out votes to those who give the maximum to us. How these bills are to be footed? Obviously through adjustments from the industrialists who want to invest their money for making their profit. We want all sorts of subsidies and the tax has to be reduced. In addition, most of the parties have to pay money or gifts to the voters for their voting. Perhaps it may be less in Kerala? I am not sure.

    Under the circumstances we cannot expect anything different.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Now a days It is very impossible to believe on Political parties after seeing corruption. But it is our duty for choosing Best Corruption free Government. So we should think before giving our vote to politicians.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat.

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