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    A change for ever is required

    In fact, I am (I am not saying keralites) fed-up with this 5 Yrs. UDF &
    5 Yrs. LDF system.

    When the state is going to have a Govt. of people, a Govt. for people,- irrespective of parties, religions, cast & creed - and a stable Govt.ruling the state for many years (like our Sri Mahabali) standing for the people only?

    All the existing political parties should be dissolved with immediate effect. Let a new, vibrant, energetic, brilliant and selfless front emerge in Kerala without the participation of any of the existing politicians of any party. Really fed up with this 5 years LDF & UDF system. Please beleive, these fronts are not bothered about the people or their problems, but only about (not even their own
    political party) thier survial, lavishness, pocket, money etc.
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    Lets there be a new, vibrant, energetic, brilliant and selfless front emerge in Kerala. Thats a very good punch and demand you have put forth.But Kerala is habituated to to two polars of set politics. Either UDF or LDF groupings. But you are asking for new combination exclusive of present politicians and thats good to hear. If the people of Kerala so desire your wish can become a reality soon.

    K Mohan

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    Of course this system of 5 year shifts should be changed. Now the parties have a feelings that what ever they do, they will be again elected after 5 years. This gives them a license to fill their pockets, gain as much as possible and rule as they like. There is no obligation to the common men who elected them. They say nice words when at opposition, but shows their 'dirty faces' while ruling. This system should be changed. The government which are with common people and do things for the welfare of the state should be given more and continues chances. But those people who wished to loot ourselves and increase their wealths should be prevented for life time.

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    It is a fact that these sharing of power between the two factions,UDF and LDF, have become a routine affair. They are brought to power by the people alternatively every five years. Actually, there seems to be not much difference between the two as far as the style of ruling is concerned. May be the beneficiaries are changing.

    The policy of any party or any group must be aimed at the welfare of the people. There should not be any partisan politics when it comes to the development plans. Our neighbouring State is an example in this matter. Here in this state the first year of a new Government is generally spent for undoing the previous Governments actions !

    The system of electing political parties may be replaced with electing able, sincere and devoted individuals.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Easier said than done. It is a phenomenon that a cluster of political parties form a Group whether it be Left or United and ruin the State for 5 years. After the death of One Party rule, this trend is rooted deep in the State. A vibrant leader or say a group of leaders, of course today's youth should crop up from the base ie the villages strongly and fight for the common cause. They must be apolitical and their vision should only be the welfare of the masses at large. The present climate in the State is conducive enough for emergence of such a team but the initiative should be strong and deep rooted, well planned and above all with zeal and zest. If a District level team is formed all over now, I am dead sure, the next general election in 2011 will see new faces fighting for the general causes and winning couple of seats. If such a thing happen, we can find a special seat for them in the State Assembly vociferously fighting as per the merits of the issues, at the same time remaining neutral. This can be beginning of a new Era. As our Ex President, Hon Abdul Kalam induces us that we have every right to do day dreams.Let the dream of this nature be fulfilled in this new decade.
    Sreekumar Nair

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    Our whole set of ministers are corrupt,they neiter want welfare of people or they want to rule all they want is money .They somehow get elected by canvassing people.Udf government canvasses majority of Christians ,while Ldf canvasses the minorities and sc/st catogeries.Nowdays ministers are elected solely on the basis of give and take.The one who wants more money will spend money to make his representative a minister and he will later extract double or triple the money he has spent to make a minister.THis goes on as long as we FOOLS continue to elect these unworthy people as our ministers.Once we make them a minister they are in absolute power we cannot do anything they rule and we suffer.awhen we hae a look into the politics of kerala most of the ministers are uneducated .

    There should be certian changes in the complete setup of elections .A candidate should have minimum qualifications and they should be in range of 28-60 year age group.Below 28 they are not that mature to control politics and above 60 its time for them to sitback and rest.

    God knows when peole will start reacting against the unworthy rule of this ministers and parties.When someday comes and all these Unworthy guys are thrown out of power they should be beaten to death for all the injustice they had done to the poeple who elected them .

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    Whichever party members get elected, fact is that they will also be like the existing representatives. In so many states so many other party members were ruling the respective states. What is the difference? Almost nil. It is like the kaleidoscope where the same pieces of glasses are present. When it is shaken the pieces are rearranged and we get a feeling that the pattern is different.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    A party rules 5 years succesfully(They think) and facing another election.They fail in that election.Another party rules another 5 years.This circular system is following in Kerala. We need a new system.we doesn't want 5 years to wait for another election.

    Before the election they give many offers.After the election they give many sufferings.main victims are the poor people. Our state is always continuing this type of systems after 1950.

    All politicians have no income in their account at elction nomination times.After becoming a Minister or MLA or other everyone has account in foriegn countries in different names. They Knew only snap their fingers After hearing our problems. Rulers main slogan is : "Make all Buisnessmens as our Friends and Make all Labours as our Enemies".

    With Regards


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    Its something like has become a routinal affair and the people of Kerala has become used to it. In another way, I feel we dont have any other options practically. We can say that these systems should change, we can lament about the bad state of legislative, their malfunctionaing and inappropriate ways the funds are getting misused. But is it practical ??I seriously doubt it. So we are electing the governments in alternative , giving chances to both the Fronts, Left and Right. Luckily if some one from these Ministries are able to posess a genuine background and able to do a good job, we need to consider ourselves lucky, rest all BAU(Business As Usual)

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