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    Right to Education Act

    Kerala is doing the home work for implementing the 'Right to Education Act'. The Commission appointed by the State Government have come with its report containing various points to be taken care of while implementing the Act. An open discussion on various points through this forum is welcome.
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    Compulsory education is only for the livlihood of a mediocre group of people who call themselves teachers, but do not know anything. It is basically a cheating of the students as well as their parents.

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    Dear friend,
    It is almost one year since the thread is posted in this column. May be, being a new member you came to see this now.
    Right to education is not a new idea or policy. It is included in our Constitution, passed in the year 1950. Based on that only the legislation is made in various States and at the Centre.
    I am very sorry to note your comments on teachers. May be you have some bad experiences with some of them. Any nation shows developments only because of the people there. These people get the necessary knowledge for contributing to the development only from their teachers in the beginning.
    We celebrate every year the National Teachers'Day on September 5th, which happen to be the birth day of a great t5eacher of our time. It is none other than Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, the second President of this nation. Teachers in general are the asset of any nation.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    The answer seems to be a joke. As if one speaks an opinion on this by having a bad experience only. I did not give input that teacher class in India are of abysmal standards due to any bad experience.

    It is just that the people who become teachers here are persons who do not have any intellectual inputs to be teachers. Many turn to teaching as it is the easiest and most cunning method to become 'respected' by the society. They very fast become a 'mash' a 'teacher' or 'Sar'.

    I would recommend that people who are good in English, have read English classics, know at least 300 English nursery rhymes, know what are English fairy tales, and know the basics of English social communication should become teachers. Currently people who become teachers are persons who do not know any of these things. There may be exceptions.

    Moreover, it is sure that some of the readers here would be quite distressed if it is mentioned that persons who address and refer to students by such words as Nee, Avan, Aval, avattakal, eda, edi etc. should not be allowed to teach.

    However, that is the way Malayalam functions. More or less in the same manner that the Janmi-kudiyaan social relationship is maintained. Yet, teachers are people who should be able to bring out the divinity in students, not the reverse.

    Now, again I must stress that these ideas may again not be connected to me personally, but only the general ideas on what should be education. As possibly eluded to by Macaulay.

    If a larger perspective is given here, teachers should be persons who can quote and discuss personalities like Somerset Maugham, Oscar Wilde, G B Shaw, Bertrand Russel, R L Stevenson, Charles Dickens etc. And know who or what is Enid Blyton.

    They should be persons who are good in outdoor activities like swimming, football etc. And should be able to play these games in an English atmosphere. They should know about the correct posture when standing, not leaning on the nearest object, (as one would keep one's hip on the nearest shoulder in a bus), know the etiquette of forming a queue etc.

    Well, I know such teachers and know how they could bring out the best in their wards.

    If any reader thinks that teachers need not know any of these things, well, it might be advisable that they keep their own wards with such teachers and allow the other children in this nation to get the attention of teachers who have the above mentioned links.

    As to the constitutions and such things, it is good if the MPs first learn some English before staring to write and rewrite laws and statutes in this nation.

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