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    Incredible India Shining

    We are proud to be a part of India. Our India is shining. India had became one of the most important and highly influential countries in the world. The growth rate touches 9% and the foreign leaders compete to visit India...Yes the world had realized us!!
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    Now our growth rate is about to reach 9% and only china is in front of us. US and all are way behind us. Obama, Sarkosy, wen, meddhev... the list continues. In the international world, media reports that this is a rare case where presidents of all nations in P-5 (Worlds powerful nations)visits a country within a period of 6 months....
    Yes the world had realized our power and strength, even though our medias and people does not mind it (they are busy with corruption bumpers) All need business dealings with us. Even though chaina is in front of us, studies points that our growth is steady but rate of chaina declines. This is due to their methods to reduce inflation and price hike. The same method was adopted in our economy too, but our growth rate becomes steady!!! We are not affected by recession and the job opportunities gets increased!! This is India. Be proud to be an Indian. Yes we are shining...

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    Yes India is the focal point of the world. And please note that we have 40 crores youth and that power always bothers other Nations. Our growth rate is very impressive and this year Agriculture contribution is also well above expected. India was shining from the time when other countries were fighting recession.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Yes it is true. Big nations envy on our growth. None of them can do any harm to India - Hindustan - under any circumstances and this fact is now clear to them all. This is one of the reason why all these Nations want to make bilateral relations smoothly with us. They know, the days are not far ahead when some of them have to depend on India for their needs particularly few years from now when the global oil production will reach the nadir level. The era of Oil crash and subsequent crisis is well anticipated. We - Indians remain united now and expect to be so in future, irrespective of the political affinity, language discrimination, caste and creed.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

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