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    Double faced Beverages' policy of LDF

    Now a days, the state government allows to start more and more bars and outlets. But on the other side, DYFI and womens welfare associations of CPM conducts campaign about liquor addiction and its bad effects...How this both can happen?? Lets discuss...
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    Govt gets lots of revenue by leasing more bars and outlets. DYFI must be appreciated for protesting this attitude but that protest is for time being and its not pursued in great interest. Since most of the revenue comes from this sector, the govt always thinks to expand this further. And this is happening in all the state across the country.

    K Mohan

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    Dear mohan sir,
    DYFI should not be appreciated for this move, but only criticized. This move is just a publicity trick. They should be appreciated if they are ready to force the government to cut short the supply and promote public awareness. Other-ways this is just a waste for Kerala. But it may help them to gain some votes!!! And they will be happy with that.
    Revenue issue may be considered with more seriousness. Do you think where this money comes from and where this eventually goes? When government earns, there are a lot of poor families who even loses their houses because of this. There are a lot of families, who loses all their wealth, There are a lot of families who loses their father due to this. And ultimately, what the government earns and much more is utilized for the benefits of these poor families, the treatments and as compensation for those who suicides...
    So this is not the way to collect revenue and it should not be. If government needs revenue, there are a lot of productive methods. Agriculture and Industries should be given adequate boosting. So earning revenue, by killing the poor families should be stoped. Government should be courageous to restrict the use of alcohols, rather than promoting it to just earn revenue. Other ways, the revenue that is earned will be for no other use, than paying hospital bills and giving compensation.

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    The number of bars and State owned beverages is already in a large number.Even in a small town there are 3-4 beverages and lots of bars.Many people are getting killed either in road accidents or falling somewhere,95 percent of these people are drunk.Actually DYFI and womens welfare associations of CPM consists of group of people who belong to minority and those who want to get rid of Liqior and the bad effects of Liquor .The government will allow for new bar licences because the minister who signs on these papers will have monetary benefits and if there are morenumber of government owned beverages then moe incoe for government that means more money can be stolen by those sitting on the top.

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    The Govt: Decision to allow more bars and State owned beverages will completly distroys our youth.Now it become the fashion of youth to celebrate all events with liquor even in death.The recent study in kerala disclose that 15% of secondary & higher secondary students are consuming liquor. But if we take a comparitive study with our neighbouring state T N.the consumption of liquor amoung the students are very rare even though there is retail outlet. Now we are facing serious social issue on this matter.At this time the decision of the gov: to open more outlets is a dangerous decision. people must think that whether this type of govt: will uplift or downlift the society.

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