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    Selecting Ministers For Kerala

    In the present day scenario Ministers are selected widely or only on the basis of the party which they represent.These candidates might be culprits,thiefs ,Uneducated goondas, using money power they buy a seat and say some good words to the common people (will do that,will do this etc etc..)but they never do.

    Should there be a change ...come on members share your views about changing our present day politics and making a good future for Kerala
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    Manu thanks for this post. Good people wont enter politics anyway. Only rotten minded people will enter politics who have the track record of all misdeeds and they are bound to win with muscle and money power and flow of liquor on the eve of elections. This has been going on since many years and its not possible to change their attitude overnight by you and me.

    K Mohan

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    Mohan sir thanks for sharing your view,think of your family members,suppose there are 4 members in your family ,all 4 members can vote,will you be still voting for these rotten minded people.My family consist of parents me and sister we dont vote for these people .All the members of SPK can contribute by not electing these guys and creating awareness among common people by speaking out from SPK.Change cannot be bought by you or me but if atleast all the members of SPK stand together then we can make a difference and that will be accepted by the people.

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    In the present set up the only way is to accept what the political parties give to us. How can a few people make change in the political scenario ? Selection of ministers are not simply based on political parties. Of course, when there is a coalition first the seats will be divided among the various constituent parties. Then comes the representation of religion,cast, regions, etc. When such selections are made very often people without any caliber get into the ministry.

    At the same time, you have to recognise that there are and were good capable ministers. Each one of these politicians are just like any one of us. They are also part of the society in which we live.

    Also we must not forget that people like us go and meet the ministers for certain helps, and they are very often forced to help because of some relationships. This means we are also responsible for making the politicians like this.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Certainly the present method should be changed, not only that of selecting the ministers but also that of deciding the candidates for public elections. Then only our state and nation will developed. Political parties should make eligibility as criteria but not money power or muscle power. They should be with the dreams of common people. Other ways they will be surely losing public support and ultimately it will be their biggest crime to the nation and the emerging generations.

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    All the above responses are totally against the method of selection of ministers. Very Good. It has now come to light how the portfolios of ministers are allocated with the aid of influential characters like Radia. Common masses' role is restricted to 'polls' and there is nothing that we can do beyond that step. Of course, we can all react when a culprit or characterless person is allowed to take oath as Minister as freedom of speech is still allowed to us. A group of apolitical people can take initiative to do such reactions and it will give a new impetus and may work as an eye opener, though not immediately. The base for such a platform needs to be created much in advance, prior to the announcement of State Elections. Good and efficient people are there in all political parties in Kerala, but hardly they will be allowed to file nomination, forget the Minister ship. I do not think that at this stage, even if all the SPK members join together and voice their concern, efficient Ministers will rule our State. Let me hasten to add, if the Civil Servants (IAS / IPS officers) join together and take a pledge that they are against all sorts of nepotism, corruption, swindling of finance from the exchequer etc etc and that they will work only for the welfare of the masses at large and that they will expose the wrong doings of the Ministers, a rosy picture will emerge in Kerala.
    Sreekumar Nair

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