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    Sharing revenue of the site from January 2011

    Happy New Year to all members of Spiderkerala

    There have been good activities at the site for last few months, but unfortunately we have been rewarding only one member as Member of the month, now we are launching a partnership scheme where all active members will get share of profit of the site.

    Following the partial success of the revenue sharing scheme at various other sites, we take pleasure in coming up with revenue sharing of the sites profit with all active members, with the following model. This model will be implemented from 1st January, 2011.

    1. All members meeting the minimum eligibility criterion of 100 effective points will be considered for the share. Please note that a minimum of 50% points in the Resources Section is mandatory. If a member have 400 points in total but 100 points in resource then his points will be considered as 200 only.

    2. 50% of the total revenue profit of the website will be shared among the members. A particular member will get the sum equivalent to A / B * C (A divided by B into C) where A is half of site's monthly revenue, B is total effective points scored by all members and C is total effective points scored by the member concerned. For example, if a site's revenue is $100 or approximately Rs. 4400/-, then Rs. 2200/- will be distributed among the members. If total effective point of all members is is 4400 and your effective point is 500 then you will get 2200/4400 * 500, that is Rs 250.

    3. Minimum total eligible points will be 5000, means if total points of all eligible partners are 3200 still it will be considered as 5000 and if you have 500 points then your share will be 500/5000 * 50% revenue, not 500/3200*50%

    4. This programme will be for three months, that is up to March 2011. After that, we may or may not continue with the same.

    5. Taking resort to unfair means such as copying will discontinue a particular member for the entire period.

    Post your feedback.
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    Thanks for launching the new revenue sharing program in which all active members will get share of profit of the site.

    Hope active members will be benefited with this announcement.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    SPK is again providing another income opportunity to its members.

    All members will be again grateful to SPK for proving this opportunity.

    Hope that all members will make use of this opportunity.

    Ibrahim N


    Ibrahim N

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    great move again from the spider kerala. This will make the site more active. So this scheme is profitable both to the members and the site. Best wishes to all..

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    Special move from our think tank and this will definitely bring more and more active spider webs to SPK from every nook and corner. SPK, if this trend continued with more and more innovative ideas, will surely be one of the best Websites in the Country. Hats off for this unique idea of profit sharing business.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

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    Whooaa......great this is a superb oppurtunity for all the members Spiderkerala to earn an extra income quickly....Spiderkerala is having a great future ,thanks again to the Webmasters for bringing such an unique oppurtunity for the members of SPK

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