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    Supplyco pricelist and availabilty of commodities

    At the beginning of each month, we can see a paper advertisement in dailies, showing the pricelist of commodities available in the Supplyco Supermarkets. It is clearly showing the prices of items in their store and compare with the prices of open market, to claim that they are giving the items at a very low price. For example, sugar price they say is Rs: 25/- in their store and Rs: 32/- outside. But, whenever you go to the store and ask for the item, it will be out of stock. What is the use of a comparative statement for the unavailable items? Some items they say that less than half the price outside, which is never available in their store. It is easy to cheat the public by showing 50% or 80% discount for the commodities which is not there for sale.
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    Ibrahim K A thanks for becoming member here. You raised an important public issue and i hail you for that. It seems Supplyco Supermarkets are taking customers for a ride. It seems they are doing this as a business tactics but they are cheating the consumers. You can make a complain to National Consumer forum on this.

    K Mohan

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    Ibrahim k..this is not a new issue ,from the past 4-5 years Supply Co is doing the same advertisement by showing reduced prices on each and every item,but when someone goes there to buy either that item will be out of stock or they will be giving only 2 kg per customer.This is a very bad business practice of Supply co,90 percent of the customers of supply co are low-scale workers like peons,drivers etc.These people go to Supply co during lunch time to buy the advertised items at low price,they reach there to find long que and wait for atleast 2 hours before they get their items billed,making them late for work.I have seen long ques infront of supply co,some even causing traffic problems.Most of the people come here thinking of low price of commodities but after waiting in que for such long hours its better buying from somewhere else.

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    Ibrahim you have put a very good thing here.I have been visiting the Maveli store for some nut items like Bengal Gram , Cherupayar, Vanpayar, Muthira etc from last January onwards.Whenever I go I see a long board with all these things written on it.Then a big bracket and in its write side it is written "No Stock".Now I look to the store from bus while passing and saw the same board displayed.

    This minister's skin is so heavy to give such an advertisement in all news papers every month first day itself.He also claims he had put the price hike a rope by this action.If I get him I will slap and show him the current situation in Mavely stores.At the same time all these things are available in Supply co Triveni store without subsidy.How it is available there without getting here.Minister had no answer.

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