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    Do we need a WikiLeaks in India to fight corruption?

    India has become a hot spot of corruption, what with mega scams like the CWG, 2G, and Adarsh scams breaking out impoverishing the country's exchequer by 100s of billions of rupees. Politicians, fat-cat industrialists, and bureaucrats have formed an unholy nexus, which is bleeding Mother India like never before. The rich is getting richer, while the poor is being pushed deeper into the abyss of abject misery and poverty. How can we tackle this problem? Do we need an Indian Julian Assange to lead a crusade against our corrupt netas and babus? What do you think?

    Your valuable views are invited.
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    Joseph Antony thanks for becoming member here and welcome to this discussion forum.

    You have started the thread with a nice posting and i appreciate your thinking level.

    There was a investigative portal called and it is still there but having subdued presence. They have the capacity to be the leaders in wikileaks concerning to India and they can excel in this.

    Hope they are watching this page.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Of course there is a need for Wikileaks in India to fight the corruption and to bring out the truth in various scandals,scams about those involved and their profits is a gud site similar to wikileaks but the site need to gain popularity as to let all know what has happened .

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    Hi Joseph,

    In my opinion, a single Wikileaks will not be enough to monitor or reveal the secrets behind corruption, if two or three Wikileaks work together day and night then only we can make some movement. I am not making this serious discussion to be a fun, but I am very curious about the future of India and Indian youth.

    We have corruption from normal government employee to the supreme court chief justice, So a single Wikileaks will be enough?. Any way we have to do some thing against it.

    with regards,
    Hamza Palengara

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    Dear friends
    Wikileaks can influence the administration in US. But what is our setup here. Any leak cannot change the setups here. Nobody sitting in the higher ups are afraid of any type of media propaganda. They will go on barking but the caravan will go ahead without any problem !

    If you look back there are several examples, which i am not quoting here. What has happened because of those revelations? We are such stuff as stones are made of !!

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Of course there is a need for Wikileaks in India which will be very very useful against corruption and many other wrong activities. May be because of a wikileaks a new land will be born here which obeys the rule and live by the constitution

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    As all told I think a similar type of website is necessary in India also.Here in India was doing the same business with hidden camera and disguised reporters.But now the journalists like Bharqa are themselves involved as mediators in the scam.So I think the media also is get pollutted with the corruption smoke.

    What Al Jazeera did in Gulf countries and Arabian countries are to be followed by Indian Channels also.Without looking to face the bad things and good things are to be reported.No channel in India has a dared to do it.When such a brave man comes almost all scams and corrections will be brought under control.

    In a recent development it is declared that a corruption detecting software had released in China!It can be test run in India!

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    If wiki-leaks start operation in India, then Assange( the founder of WL) will be bribed!!
    We know politicians are(not all)corrupted, we found officers are punished for bribery,we had a faith in our Judiciary ..and now the finger is pointing them also.
    It is high time to rethink about our whole system.

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    Mega scams like the CWG, 2G, Adarsh scams and spectrum etc are only the tip of the ice berg of corruption. Since these deals are comparatively huge, the corruption scale is also huge. Otherwise in every deal of any government at the Center or of any states, public sector undertakings or private sector companies, the same is the fate. In fact if there is a n organisation like WikiLeaks or Tehelka who tries to record, they may not find it feasible to work because the corruption has entrenched in our system and spread to the extent of 99% of our activities or population of our country if not all over the globe.
    Corruption of the above mentioned cases looks huge comparing to other known cases because the deals are also huge. It is not only a question of involvement of money. Our general attitude itself is such. Only thing we see are things happening to or with others. Let us take our homes. If child becomes difficult to handle what we do? We offer a chocolate, pen or some other items to the child and tries to silence it. If the child does not go to shop and bring the items needed, do we go ourselves or do we offer a small amount to the child and induce it to go. If our children wants, note pads, pencils, ball point pens, if possible we get the same and some other things also depending upon our status in the organisation, from the stores of the organisation we work. Are these not corruption?
    If organisations like WikiLeaks or Tehelka start dooing the recordings, eventually we can expect them also part of the system if not already in the system.

    Those working for such organisations or the political parties are persons from amongst us only. They cannot be different. This reminds me of the sayings that "we get what we deserve" and "for our one finger pointing at others, 3 are pointing at ourselves .

    Of course it is a curse. But only the investigating agencies or the Government agencies can change the system. It should involve every one of us to succeed.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    To fight against curruption is the responsibility of each and every Indian. The fact is that we are not doing anything against curruption. We are only talking about currution when a discussion takes place about currution. Only by talking abaout a subject, nothing going to be happen. We need to act when required. We need to raise our voice when required. All govt. offices are displaying a board that showing that "giving and taking bribe in cash or kind is a crime". And it also showing the phone numbers vigilance department. But nobody is availing the service of vigilance or anti-curruption department, when somebody asking for bribe from you. We all ready to offer bribe to get our thins done. This is our attitude. First of all we have to change our attitude. Then fight against currution till the end.

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    I am in favor of WikiLeaks in India to fight corruption. In India the corruption is increasing day by day. A lot of people are fighting against corruption in India. Now a days Mr. Anna Hazare the social worker is commencing fast undo death to pass the LakPal Bill in Parliament for removing corruption. Baba Ramdev is also giving their speech against Corruption.

    So WikiLeaks in India can fight against corruption.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat

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    This type of exposures, whether it is by wikipedia or tehelks or any other agency is not going to solve the problem. These types of fights are only escapism from reality.

    These agencies can cover only a fraction of activities that are going on. It is done on random basis. Of course we should appreciate these as it exposes at least a very small percentage of the misdeeds or double standards. If we go through we find that it exposes decsption, of almost all the Governments in the world. That means it is global phenomena. But we should concern about our country only.

    We sahould think as to why these are happening? To me it is because of our values of life has changed and new priorities have come. We the general citizens of the countries abdicate our responsaibility of selecting proper representatives by just going to polling booth and just give our votes on the basis of our emotions on the last moment. We do not assess the good and bads of each o the parties contesting.

    With the result the opportunist come up at the last moment with some catchy promise and we fall prey ot that. The opportunists rake up our communal, parochial sentiments and catch our imaginations. We never think that these divide us instead of unifying for a common purposes. Under the circustances even those who want to do something has to come with such promises of to get into our good books to get votes.

    Therefore it is our duty to pause and ponder dispassionately as to what is good for the nation as a whole instead of my gain, my family's gain, my villagaea/district/state gains. If we act on the this basis we can expect some change not by wikipedia/tehelka etc.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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