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    Sreesanth and Controversies

    It seems that Sreesanth and controversies are inseparable twins. In a very short span after he had entered the arena of playing international cricket, he attracted international attention by landing himself in a few controversies involving various players, both Indian and international. Now in South Africa, the trend is no different. He had a spat with the SA skipper Graeme Smith. The latest news is that he was fined 10% of his match fee for breaching ICC Code of Conduct by kicking boundary ropes after his two LBW appeals were turned down by umpires during the fourth day's play in the third Test against South Africa here. Is this an inborn trait of his or is this his way of staying in the lime light?
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    Dear Mr Joesph.. The present situation of Sreesanth is of his own creations. His ego has killed his sportsmanship and his arrogant attitude in the field is shameful to the Keralites. Money is plenty in Cricket and this ruins some players. Sreeshant should be ashamed of his own ugly scenes. His fighting with KCA is not forgettable. We Keralites should try to know how our pretty good Athletes perform under unsatisfactory conditions and project youngsters like Sujith (son of Mercikuttan and late Muralikuttan) or 12 year old Eldo Varghese. The space of these columns be decorated with the laurels brought to Kerala by our young athletes and their living conditions than lamenting about the mischieves of one Sreeshant.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

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    Kerala Team for the IPL has, anyhow, taken Sreesanth for Rs.4.14 crores.
    Let us hope it is for a better future for both.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Hi Joseph,

    Your thread is so important and S K Nair's response represents the opinion of pure Keralite and I also have the same opinion.

    In my own words, he does not know how to behave properly in an international stage and he have the negative energy. I think the problems are may be due to

    1. He just focusing on media attention rather than his career.
    2. We gave him the consideration than what he require and what he expected.

    I think it will be difficult for Kochi IPL team if he doesn't show the maturity in IPL since he is the driving player for Kochi team. Thanks again Joseph.

    With regards,
    Hamza Palengara

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    I have a different opinion in this regard.Actually Sri Santh is aggressive in nature.This aggressiveness is due to a psychological phenomenon.All human beings have a thought to have a attention from others.In his case also Sree Santh is attracting attention of media through such activities.When attention is on him his market value will rise.But he doesn't understand that infame will be a black mark and no one had advised him about it.Hope when get matured and is in Indian team all these controversies will end up.

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    Hi, Abid
    Thank you for your responses to my post.
    I guess you are a new member.
    wish you a good future with Spider Kerala



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    hi ,joseph

    well i think the behaviur of sree santh should not be put to such a heavy criticim.

    a few have an inborn character of such an aggressive behaviour.and we must not give too much airs to what happens on field

    lets also see how he,s outside the field

    i never heard sree behaving anything like that outside, he's a shyfull and well mannered who loves dancing and fashion designing

    well his aggression on field is being provoked everytime by some or the other trigger

    its not always intentional

    and moreover its a part and parcel of the on field performance

    well i don really support him

    he should control himself

    but the same time i don think such a heavy critic is well appreciable for an young and promising player

    and someone speaking about money,lets not forget he,s from a prosperous family who have always have comforts which is nthing new he'll get with the sum he's going to get out of cricket

    in our country crickt is played as a passion , not as a source of income

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    A King is a man who is Better than any other this way Sreesanth is the King Of Controversy. Because in controversy sreesanth is better than any other players. Sreesanth make anger with many players in the field like Mathew Haiden,Peterson,Hashim amla and Andrew Nell. The controversy of sreesanth is done in case of Batting also. once After he made a six against Andrew Nel and whirled his bat in enthusiam and danced down the wicket, making fun of Nel and performing a dance.

    He is make controver with indian palyer also.In an IPL Match ,following the victory of his Kings XI Punjab's victory in the Indian Premier League over the Mumbai Indians at Mohali, Sreesanth was slapped under his eye by Harbhajan Singh.

    Sreesanth has been warned several times for indiscipline both on and off the cricket field.

    He is a Best Actor in the Field of Controversy. And Anger is his Strength.His weakness is 'To make Calm' .

    To stop this Controversy, He should be banned for Two or Three Years .
    On that Banning period He cannot have a permission to playing even a State match also. This type of Bann can only be done by ICC or BCCI.

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