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    Has Communism Lost Its Relevance In Kerala?

    Members join me to discuss on the topic-Has Communism Lost Its Relevance In Kerala?
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    A detailed discussion will be needed on this topic. First of all the changes in the social and economic setup in different countries, of course in Kerala also, have to be noted. When we talk about the class war beween the two classes, it become very difficult to identify the classes. We have workers in the IT sector, in Banking sector,etc.. Can they be equated with the so called workers (labourers) in those days when Karl Marx and Frederic Engels introduced the concept of class war and communism.
    Similar is the case with Capitalists. Very often the MNC's are the Capitalists now and they increase their capital by inviting shares from the public. Even many of the 'new workers' deposit their money in shares and become part of the capitalist. So where are the two classes?
    If one analyse the political set up in Kerala, the Communist parties are always joining hands with non-communists for sharing the power. Under such a set up one cannot expect the leftists can introduce left policies here. Ultimately people decide to try their luck by voting to the two factions alternatively, expecting something back.

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    Hi Joseph,

    Of course not, I think Communism never lose its relevance ever because it stands for poor, equality, labors. But it requires modification and changes where it is going to apply. It cannot be applied in Kerala in the crude form as applied in Russia or Cuba.

    But most of our communist leaders are ignorant about it. They try to apply the same what they learned from 'Communist Manifesto' and oppose any new changes by scaring it might affect labors or poor. They should change their mind and rethink about how to apply socialism in modern world. Any way thanks for this nice thread, I hopes similar threads from you,

    With regards,
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    We can't decide whether a movement is good or bad by just observing the way the followers treat it. Regarding Comminism, who is the exact follower of it? Is it Pinarayi or VS ? I am sure, the answer will be different from different people. And the answer to this question also will be different from different people.
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    Communism is driven by the concept of class wars. It was relevant during the period after industrial revolution in Europe. There was an affluent class whom Marx called bourgeois, and a working class, which was exploited by the former. But in today's society, can we make such classifications? An entrepreneur mobilises resources to establish a business. This entrepreneur may not be a rich man. He may pledge his wife's ornaments to raise the cash for the project. But communists look upon him as bourgeois. In our rapidly changing society driven by technology, the entrepreneur and the employee shouldn't be at war with each other, rather they should work together for the progress. Because, one has no existence without the other. Communism tries to divide the society, instead of integrating it, and tries to exploit the ensuing conflict.
    Communism may be a good ideology in books. But the way it is practiced the world over including the former Soviet Union, East European countries, China, and our own Kerala, I would say that it is not qualitatively different from other political movements, even in the matter of secularism.

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