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    How to Make Money From Spider Kerala- Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    What I am trying to explore here is based on my own experience from writing articles in Spider Kerala. I joined here few months before and earned a few bucks. More than that I got my adsense account approved and now have a good earning from the adsense. I am a software professional and I worked here in my free time. I am enjoying writing articles here and happy to share knowledge with others. So if you would like to earn some money in your free time, Spider Kerala is the right place for you.

    Articles are always meant to be providing or sharing our knowledge to others. During last few years, our life changed in a big way because of the changes technology made in our life. The important areas that reflects this change are education, job, life style, health and entertainment. Our technical knowledge also attained a great improvement. Peoples always want to browsing internet, playing games, tweeting and making friends online. A recent survey revealed that the number of peoples searching for online jobs increased every year. There is no doubt in that I, you and many others reached here with the same aim. Disappointedly, sites that offering money online are not giving the money they offered and most of them are fake. Then, from where we can find genuine sites that really give money to our works. The one and only answer is Spider Kerala. Here you can earn money for each and every hard work you put.

    What is Spider Kerala

    Spider Kerala is a website that is approved by Google for the API revenue sharing program. Spider Kerala is wholly, dedicated to Kerala and its information. Here, You can write anything that is related with kerala. Did you caught with the term API revenue sharing program ? Here I will explain what is API revenue sharing program in simple words and the benefit of it. For learning what the API revenue sharing is, you have to know what is adsense.

    What is Google Adsense

    Adsense is a program from Google that will give you a good earning for your published articles in net. Where can you publish your articles. For this, you have to start a website or a blog and start writing articles in it. To get the adsense, your website or blog must have good traffic and readers. Also the contents must obey the Terms and conditions or policies set by Google. Presently, It is a bit tough to get the adsense account approved since Google is very strict in approving it. Also, making a website or blog popular is a real tough job and may take 6 months or more. Is there any other easy way to approve the adsense account? yes, the simple and effective way to get an adsense account is joining Spider Kerala and contributing here by writing quality contents.

    How can I get my adsense application approved through Spider Kerala

    Once you start writing articles here, SPK will analyse your articles and your member levels. When you reach the minimum criteria( simple), you can apply for the adsense account on behalf of Spider Kerala. Google will process your application and if you are coming with good resources, your adsense account will approve. Party Time ! You got the Adsense. What to do with the adsense account, confused?. A person will have only one adsense account and can use this account for any of his websites or blogs or articles that he made in any other sites. Google will display advertisement in your pages and you will get money when any one clicks in those advertisement. I think, now you got a clear idea about Adsense. Let us now coming to the important point- API revenue sharing program.

    What is API Revenue sharing Program

    Spider Kerala provides an easy and effective way to make money by sharing your knowledge about Kerala. Through API Revenue sharing program, SPK will put Google ads in your published articles. And you will earn 90% of money from each click in your articles. And the 10% will be to Spider Kerala, that SPK will give you as cash credits and awards.

    Other ways to earn money from Spider Kerala

    There are many ways to earn cash credits other than Google Adsense. I will explain it here:

    Cash Credits for articles and forum posts

    More than adsense, SPK will give you cash credits for each of your article. The cash credits will be based on the quality of your resource. A short one may get more cash credits than a long one if it have quality content. So always come with good quality contents. Resources copied from any other sources is strictly prohibited in any section of Spider Kerala. They will be rejected and may cause you to be suspended from here and also the same will happen to your Adsense Account by Google. Along with articles, you can earn cash credits for forum posts and/or responses. SPK will analyse each of the forum posts made by you and will give cash credits if it deserves.

    Earning from Third Party Advertising sites

    Other than adsense and cash credits given, there is another way too for earn cash. This is through third Party Advertising site named Kontera. After creating an account with Kontera( very simple, not like Adsense), Kontera will put in-text advertisement in your articles(Did you see some red links to some words of this article, that are in-text advertisments). When any one clicks on these advertisements, you will get cash.

    Contests and Awards in Spider Kerala

    Spider Kerala have many contests running for its members. By participating in it, you can earn cool cash credits and prices. At the end of every month, Spider Kerala will analyze the performance of each member and will give awards to members based on their performance.

    Hope you got a clear idea about ' How to make money from Spider Kerala'. You can put your questions and comments as responses to this resource.
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    Its good to hear that Roshin has come up with a much detailed post to explain his experience in SPiderKerala. Good post Roshin,Keep it up.
    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Hi Biju Sir,
    Thanks for your compliments. I am always happy to share my experiences as it will help the new members to explore the big opportunities in Spider Kerala.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Thanks Roshin it was nice of you to explain in short, Being new in SK it was very informative & help full in breif, this what i will say Knowledge is power & when shared it feel great gester of yours, wherein todays world no one have time for any

    Dhanala Rajesh

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