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    Discuss the importance of Kochi Smart City

    Hello Members,

    It is really happy to hear that Kochi Smart City project has been approved by Government of Kerala after a long term of eternal philosophies. The final agreement of the project has bee signed in 2nd February 2011. Now the question is how this dream project will help the Keralites? It will certainly provide employment opportunities for the people of Kerala and may upbring the state economy also. But what are its other advantages? Will Kochi Smart City be a success for all class of people in Kerala?

    Kindly share your views....!
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    Yes, Kochi Smart city has become a reality, finally. Let us all welcome it.

    It, definitely, will provide job opportunities to lakhs of people, directly and indirectly. Already, the real estate people have welcomed this agreement with enthusiasm. A boost in other trade fronts such as provisions, home appliances, motor and related areas, etc. will be there when additional fifty thousand or more people come to this city.

    Other establishments like schools, learning institutions, entertainment places, tourism areas, etc. will also feel the difference.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    One lakh job opportunities are expected through the smart city project.I think it is the expectation in all fields through the introduction of the smart city project.Any how the Smart City will make Kochi Smart Kochi and there by it will have a place in the world IT Map.As a result the world attraction may be focused to Kochi and Kerala.So the other industries in Kerala also will boom with this.

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    Hello Sankaran sir and Abid sir,

    Thanks for your response. What you people said are absolutely correct. But will it arise a hidden agenda? Is Kochi Smart City a last moment political trick by the present government to hold their seats in the coming election? Are the people of Kerala is being cheated? Any way let us hope for the best!!!



    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

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    Hi Roshan,

    Let me appreciate you for making a forum topic like this.

    Now to the topic.
    Kochi Smart city is one of the greatest gift the state is going to have. The importance of Kochi Smart city is not concentrating on a single point- it's very wide and more than what one can imagine. Let me point out a few:

    1. The most important of advantage is the employment opportunities it provides. The project has more than one lakh employment opportunities to provide and everyone knows that each software job is associated with four/ five other jobs. So, the total number of jobs will increase again.

    2. Kochi Smartcity will change the shape of the city itself. It will make the flow of other new and exciting business opportunities to the Queen of Arabian Sea and other close areas of Kochin.

    3. The increase in employment opportunities, salary etc will definitely increase the standard of living of people.

    The importance and advantages are still more to be written, but the worst thing is that none knows when the project will get fulfilled...

    Lijin T

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