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    Practice Test question posting is now restricted

    Dear Members,
    The Practice Test is one of our prestigious and most visited section of SpiderKerala. As the Kerala PSC exams are near we are getting more visitors day by day. So we have to concentrate giving questions thinking that, the visitors are getting the benefit of practicing here.

    We are making this a restricted section and allow only selected members to post in that section to maintain high quality questions.
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    This ban is really a shock to the contributing members. What is the problem in posting good questions and that too Kerala centric. Please lift the ban and being the webmaster you have always have the right to accept or reject the questions. But let the members continue to perform as before and create an interest.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    I really appreciate your initiative to keep this site on the top. But you must give reason for my question. So far my contributions in the practice tests were passed by the editors. That means it suits to this portal. So why should i be banned from posting. Members should not be put to too much restrictions which may loose their interest.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    I think posting of question is a good one.But when it is posted by many persons it will be a mess.So there should be a centre for posting the questions. This decission had taken by the webmaster.Eventhough I am new bee I think this is a best decission from the webmaster to keep the reputation of the site.Members who contributed so far will have some difficulty to adjust with the new decission, but just forget about that facility now.

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    Dear members,

    We came up with this plan due to a large volume of spam and poor quality questions in the practice tests section. We will allow our reputed members to post questions, as long as we maintain very good quality in that prestigious section.

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    Dear all,

    Considering the feelings of all supporting members of the site is a great thing.

    With regards

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    Tony thanks for intervening in this matter. Biju was very rude to reply on this . I appreciate your damage control exercise. After bank imposed on practice test questions, i lost interest here and i will be going slow here. I also appreciate my fellow member Babu for supporting this cause. Please open up the question bank.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Mohan Sir,

    You are a valuable player in our site. Get back your interest in spiderkerala with full strength. Expecting in all matter your open mind which helps all members in Spiderkerala. Stick to Spider kerala and inspire others....ALL THE BEST.......

    With Regards

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    Dear Members,
    I was keenly watching the response from the members for the thread posted on the restriction on posting questions in the practice test. Well before going more deep into it, let me have a brief about my experience that I had in SpiderKerala during the last few months. It was only just a couple of months that I was conformed the Webmaster of SpiderKerala. If any of the members' just analyze this forum thread you will clearly understand what change happened in SpiderKerala which had made it one of the top among successful spidersites. Even working as an Editor in ISC, I used to go through the working of SpiderKerala during those days before being a WM in SPK. But once I realized that there is a need for some one to care the site more effectively, I managed to get through it. The start was little bit slowly, but as days progressed, I managed to bring back some of the existing members and also succeeded in bringing few new active members to this site. This was really the beginning of the second life if SpiderKerala. Now within a couple of months SpiderKerala has managed to bring good resources, more active members and good traffic to this site. Now the site is on the right pace to attract more visitors to this site.

    So this is history. I explained this only to clarify how I could manage to bring me here in SpiderKerala. Now the point which I want to state is given in brief.

    I really appreciate the effort taken by all the active members to dedicate them in bringing up their best contribution here. I don't want to take a percentage of the credit which has given the reputation that the site is holding now. But the members have to know the work done me as an individual in the back screen. I have given my heart and soul to the work being done in SpiderKerala. Even after credited with the WM in SpiderKerala, I haven't done a single editing in ISC being an editor there too. Its so because my heart say's to me .

    Even in the midst of my studies (Currently doing Master in Education), especially the time I have to be packed with my thesis submission, I used to monitor the current work in SpiderKerala. How much can a person dedicate himself for more than 14-16 hours a day to see the activities in a site. I know, most of these times can be utilized for making good articles. But I am not counting the time that I spend for chatting with the active members in SPK. Even there are few articles which are left in my computer which I haven't given to SPK. I have given few of the titles which I have planned to write on and also the apt keywords to be used for few of the members. I really wanted them to earn for their posts.
    I don't want a single percentage of the credit in my name. All goes to the dear members. Even I could have taken the time (that I spend for guiding the members) for writing articles. But I haven't done so. I don't want to discourage the members who really want my support. I don't feel any one of the member whom I used to chat would feel bad against me.

    Even the time I have taken for writing this reply can be used by me to bring two or three good articles. But for me I have to clarify my part.

    I am doing such a dedicated work for the future of the site and may some feel bad about me.
    And also dear members, and as I had mentioned above, give the less credit to me. Many of the members really don't know how I personally care for each of you. So if any one feel bad of me please ask Tony Sir to remove me from the position of the WM.

    My explanation for the reason behind the thread

    As mentioned already in the above thread, this practice test is one of the highlight of SpiderKerala. Our visitors are getting a lot of benefit from the questions posted here. But the problem raised by some of my friends (they are not the members of SpiderKerala, but they usually practice questions here) is that the questions posted here should really be accordingly knowing the pulse of the exam. The current Kerala PSC Exams (LD Clerk+98 exams too) will bring more visitors who are in search of old question papers. As I am also on the process of the preparation of the exams, I really know what a person who prepares for the exam really need. So I have explained this in the thread with clarity. But the response which came from Mohan Sir whom I respect the most (actually I am the person who invited him to join SpiderKerala), made me to give a further clarification. But even the clarification was misjudged.

    Dear Mohan Sir,
    You are one of the person I give due respect. But my words were read in between. I know the ban on posting in practice test might have given you a break to post in SPK. Why can't you think of giving some articles? Why are you thinking of sticking on posting questions? Just go for posting some articles for SPK. You have the real power which you have to find.

    To the Dear members who posted comments here

    Thanks for giving some good comments here. Even I feel some of them are unsatisfied by my deal with the members. Or even you feel that my service is not good you can bring up this issue to Tony Sir. Let him take action against me.

    But you cannot see such a WM like me who satisfies you, being such close to your heart and approving your posts with all consideration.
    Take my words You can't find such a person like me who can dedicate himself for the development of this site..

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Thanks Biju for giving due respect to me. And you know very well that i regard you very much here and at ISC. Any way you have your compulsions and i have my own views. So let us be friends and no ill feelings. Make this site the best in the world and my best wishes are always with you.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Babu Neelakandan thanks for responding with a kind heart. From the day one i was getting support from your side. I was having a zeal to contribute and that has been broken now. But i am not running away from this site. I will be fence sitter and watching and applauding the performance of all the members here. Make good progress here.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Dear my SPK friends,
    As every one knowing, SPK is now top among the regional sites and getting good traffic day by day. But this was not the case few months before. Although there were active members and good articles, there was no one to really co-ordinate the site. I visited the site few months back and felt bored, thats why I not joined here. But the last month I saw a notable change here. It is that SPK really provides good articles with quality contents. Each post are of valuable. I searched for the reason and I found the same. I found the real reason, it is our new web master aka Biju Sir. Few of my friends already here before me, they told me to come back here. At first, I had no interest. But on seeing the posts and the gradual pickup of SPK, I got the interest to post here. I posted few of my articles here and credited with desired points. For my goodness, I had the opportunity to talk with Biju Sir. He guided me on how to post, how can generate good traffic for our posts, on making good keywords for our posts, and some more advices. From the time I spend with him, I knew one thing, how he dedicate himself to SPK and members. One more thing, I came to know from him, he was busy with his thesis works, and even then he is here. No more explanation needed to say about him. Our members can understand, how valuable him.

    I said this because he opened his heart fully here in one of his post. When I go through the practice section, I found some of questions are not the kind of PSC applicants really want. I never posted a question there in past. The members who posted questions there may felt bad with the new decision. We have to adjust with the new decision, knowing that it is for our goodness. It is for improving our SPK, a fine decision from the WM. If we found the new decision is not good as expected in the coming days, we can ask for the same.

    Biju Sir also pointed another thing here, the members can ask Tony sir for replacing him from the WM position. I am sure SPK might pay for it, if that happens. Let us hope it wont happen.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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