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    New Award Programs exclusively for our members

    Dear Members,

    We are really happy to see the active contribution of our members had brought SpiderKerala one of the active web portal. Even though SpiderKerala deals with resources related to Kerala, as needed, members have contributed resources related to India and even some International news and resources. We are really proud of our dear members. Our daily statistics shows how our visitors are keen to read the articles in SPK.
    Our Kerala PSC related resources are getting good readers. We are happy to provide a free service to the visitors in guiding them for the upcoming exams through our LDC practice tests and articles. The flag counter shows that our site is viewed by visitors from around 150 countries.

    We had recently announced the revenue share for the month of January. As told in the thread we are discontinuing the Revenue share program effective from this month onwards. The Member of the Month will also be not active from this month. The Member of the Day (MoD) will be continued with its true spirit.
    Now we are going to introduce few award programs which would be unique and first to be introduced in any spidersites. Let me mention what we have stored for you.

    Special Award Program: Member of the Week
    This award program is exclusively for those new members who have shown their presence with vibrant articles and active participation in other sections in SpiderKerala. This award program will be only for the new members. A special award of Rs 100 will be given for the selected member.

    Forum Supporter of the Week
    We had recently given cash award for the best forum supporters who had been active in the forum. This time we will give a special award to the most active forum supporter. A special Award of Rs 50 will be given to the best forum supporter.

    Rules for considering members for this award
    • Should post good forum threads for discussions
    • Should post good comments on the threads posted by other members
    • Should be able to provide support to the new members joining SPK

    Article of the Week
    This is a unique opportunity for one of the member to get a special award for their article. As per this award program, the WM will give a list of 5 chosen articles which get posted in SPK for a week and it would be given in the poll. Members can cast their vote for the best article and can give their interest for voting for a selected article. The article which gets the maximum vote will be selected and the member who had posted this article will get a special award of Rs 50.

    The above mentioned award programs are just a beginning. Very soon we would be bringing up new keyword contests. As ICC World Cup 2011 matches are just approaching we would be bringing up special award programs like the guess the Winner of the Match, guess the Man of the Match etc. Keep updated with the forum threads to see what we have stored more for our members.

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  • #1966
    It is nice nice to see that more awards are getting ready for the members.At the same time it is a bad news that the revenue share program had ceased from this month onwards.Since such a huge award had stopped the cash price for other awards declared here have to be rised at least to Rs 100/-.It is only my opinion and hope other members will share their valuable thoughts also here.

  • #1998
    I am really thrilled when knowing about this award announcement. But I expected a little bit more, don't know why.The price is a little bit small, it is only my suggestion. At lease the Article of the week's price should raise to 100, since it is selected through a poll from all members.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #2014
    Happy to see that SPK is growing in an exponential manner. All credits goes to webmaster and active members. PSC is the most important section of SPK which is getting a very good traffic. We can hope that the section will get more traffic as PSC exams are approaching.

    The new award will make the members more interest in contributing articles. As the member of the week is given to new members it can attract new members. The new forum supporter award will give new face to forums and we can see many active threads.

    Forum Editor SPK

  • #2020
    Hi Biju,
    Happy to hear good news from Spider Kerala.I noticed one of the rules regarding Member of the week that it is exclusively for new members. Could you please clarify the definition of "new member"? whether it is based on the date of joining (if so, from which date onwards)or points earned?

  • #2048
    Hello Sir

    Nice initiative and good motivation to everyone through this great announcement. This would definitely boosts up members to aim for the awards. Thanks for coming up with this idea.



  • #2311
    It has been two weeks after this announcement. But still member of the week is not announced. Please announce the result as soon as possible.
    Forum Editor SPK

  • #2319
    Hello Members,

    It is not because, we are not aware of this thread "Forum Supporter of the week". The main reason for the delay of this great award is the lack of participation from members. We cant see such a great involvement of members for this award obeying the rules.

    This didnt mean that we are just backing up this thread. We need more participation from the members. Many contests are still on live for members like the resourse contents. I think the members are not giving importance to these wonderful contests. These are some good opportunities to earn maximum from spiderkerala.

    So contribute more and participate in all contests..!

    Happy posting..!

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

  • #2328

    This is a Great Announccement from Spider Kerala Teams.From this announcement spk can got many member's Good work.But The New Members Can only post 5 Resources. and they are Waited for validation for 2 or 3 days.On that period That means on that 2 days gap they cannot post new Resources.Because spk have a Rule that If the level of the Members is less than Gold level(ie, members are silver or Bronze level)tehy can onlu post resources upto 5 and wait for validation.if the validation process is quicker they can post many resources within time. and spk will get many resources also. Consider this Before Announcing MEmber of the Day or Member of tha Month.



  • #2411
    Thankyou Ranjith for such informations since i am new member of this family.

    It is not the matter of award or cash price but i feel that i have a urge in me to use my scribbling skills in any adverse conditions to recharge me in all ways.

    It will be better to know these type of rules for new commers.

  • #2457
    Here awards like member of the week , Forum supporter of the week and Article of the week are announced.But any where I can't see the results of these awards.Please show a tab in home page that leads to the award winners list.The photoes of award winners are shown as slide show.But it does not show which award had won by them.So please look the matter.

  • #2462
    Very nice programs. I will try to be the winner of any one of these programs.
    Narender Sharma.
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    Hi members

    i am really amazing that There are Different Award programs in spider kerala. These award programs can invite many members to this website. The Member of the week award,this is especially for the New comers who wants a debut in this website. Through this award They can make many Quality posts.

    AS Roshan Salim already said that The New members will have to participate all the form postings,posting new messages, responses to messages and wonderful contests .

    New members can particpate all contests and Reward programs in the spiderkerala.Contribution of Members is the Success of Spiderkerala website.


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