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    When will my adsense account will be associated?

    It is known that after posting 10 articles member's adsense account will be associated to the article posted.I hadn't posted ten articles.Then where will go the revenue from these articles now?Also how will I know whether my account is associated or not?
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    Hi Abid,

    I hope you already have an Adsense account. Then only association process will works. Again I think the association process is an automatic process not a manual process, if it is not associated till now( check whether your Adsense revenue show some value rather than 0.00 or check your earning report by logging in to your Adsense account) to then our webmaster will do some thing after reading this thread. Good luck.

    You can get the revenue share for a one year period( may be two or three years etc according to your worth) after your adsense approval. Don't worry about. Good luck.

    With regards,
    Hamza Palengara.

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    Hi Hamza,

    The information you given are worth.I had an adsense account earlier and there were some earnings also in it.Now I had associated this account to SPK.So I think some question will be asked to me whether to associate or not.Such a query hadn't get yet.

    I had associated ISC to my adsense already.Is this SPK not needed to associate separately then?Also I can't see SPK in the list of associated channels.Web master , let me to know the details.

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    You have to associate your adsense account separately to SPK, even if you have associate your adsense account in ISC.

    When you associate your adsense account you will get a confirmation message in your gmail inbox. Do the instructions given in that message and then your account will be associated.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    I had associated the account with SPK.Actually what happened was discovered today only.I had associated a mail address which I check rarely for google adsense.The message to activate it was there which I realised only now.So I checked that mail box and found it and activated also.Now I think my adsense account will get associated to SPK soon.Thanks for the replies and suggestions provided here.

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