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    New Exciting Award Programs in SpiderKerala- Don’t Miss It

    Dear Members,

    After a short break, we are now active with new exciting award programs which would give a healthy competition among the members to bring the best. We are back in action with more attractive award programs.

    Member of the Day (MOD)- Earn Rs 100 every day

    Member of the Day(MOD) had been one of the most attractive award program in the recent past. After a small gap we are reintroducing the award program. The reward for MoD is Rs 100. As per the new concept of MoD, members have to score at least 75 points from the posts related to the topic given to write. If a dedicated member could post around 3-4 articles in a day related to the given topic, it's easy to get the targeted points. Formerly the total number of points earned daily too was considered for the award program. This new program will help members to concentrate on a specific topic more than beating around the bush. We will announce the topic for the day on a specific thread. The Member Of Day (MOD) will begin from 22nd June 2011. A new forum thread with topics for each day will be followed after this announcement.

    Member of the Week (MOW) - Cash Reward of Rs 250

    Member of the week is a new entry award program in spiderkerala. Every week we would announce 'Topic for the Week'. Members have to write at least 5 articles on the specific topic and should earn a minimum of 125 points from the 'topic' related articles. Added to this we would judge the member's overall participation including the forum.

    Member of the Month (MOM) - Cash Reward of Rs 500

    Member of the Month is the most prestigious award program in spiderkerala. As per new rescheduled rule, a day before the beginning of each month we would announce 'Topic of the Month'. Members have to write at least 7 articles on the specific topic and should earn a minimum of 150 points from the 'topic' related articles. Added to this we would judge the member's overall participation including the forum.

    Please do feel free to give your feedbacks regarding this announcement.
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    Dear webmaster,

    Glad to hear that MOD is back. The introduction of MOW and MOM will certainly invite more and more participants to SPK.
    Active participation of members, which is the life of SPK, can be increased with these reward programs.
    All the very best for the new venture.


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    It is a good idea and this will increase the creativity of our members.


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    Exciting to hear that SPK is back in business with some exciting awards. These awards can bring more new members to SPK and a good contribution from them. A special thanks to webmaster for implementing this exciting awards.
    Forum Editor SPK

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    Even though am new to this site,I too came to know about the contests,but was sad that these were not current contests.Now i feel extremely happy to hear this.



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    Hello Respected Biju Cherian Sir,
    Firstly I want to give thank you for announcing New Exciting Award Programs in Spider Kerala.
    Really these type of award programs increase the confidence of members of Spider Kerala and also give them motivation.
    Well it is great opportunities of all members for becoming Member of the Day, week and month. This type of opportunities will also increase the competition. Well best of luck to all.
    With Regards,
    -Gopal Singh

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    These are welcome and encouraging. Definitely, there will be many takers for these. Participation in the general discussions also may increase because of this.I think all are anxiously waiting for the hot topics going to be announced!
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Hi sir,
    How many members are able to get this member of the day award?

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    Hi sir
    This is a good decision. I am new to SPK. By this type of programs members like are able to move forward.

    But sir member of the day contest is inactive now a days. Sir Please restart Member of the day contest

    Jabir Aslam

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    Dear webmaster, I am new to spk.This is an exciting program.what is the membership level for this program? Is the program available now? This program will attracts more members to spk. Thank you.

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    The Member of the Day award is for one as it is for the member of the day and according to my knowledge any member can compete in all contest sections. This is for S/s Rahul Rajas and venkata Kumar
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Hi Rahul Rajan,
    Welcome to SPK. Every members of SPK can participate in these award. For getting these award you have to submit articles according to the rules of the awards. To know about the latest MoD and MoW award visit Member of the Week (MoW) and Member of the Day (MoM) are back

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Dear web master,i am new to spk.In my view this is an outstanding program.What is the present member level of this program?,I think this program will definetly attracts more members to speak.
    Thank you

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    Dear webmaster,

    Glad to hear that spiderkerala contests are back, for a few months there is no active members,i think it was due to lack of contests and reward programs.

    Sindhu Anish

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