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    Avoid alcohol and tobaco

    Recent days living in Kerala is becomes a tough matter. It may be become risky play for our life. There is so many problems are facing our Kerala peoples. Changing life style, inflation, alcohol and drug abuse, crime, corruption, divorce, murder, and theft are the examples of these problems. I do not think a sudden change will happen in Kerala. We can survive these problems only if we all take such a pledge for Kerala. Kerala government is standing on the base of revenue from beverages. We all had seen that the alcohol and drug abusers are very cam and quite when they are in queue for liquor in front of beverage corporations in Kerala. They can stand like that only there. Most of the abusers of alcohol may find it pleasurable. They cannot stop drinking.

    The newspapers and TV news programs give considerable attention to sensational aspects of drinking. There are number of suicides are increased much more. One of the reasons behind that is alcoholism. There is social agreement among professional experts, spiritual leaders and community leaders that alcoholism and drug abuse is a serious social problem. I already tell about the revenue from alcohol sale to the government that increases in very high speed. It is from 545 corers to 775 corers in 2010-2011. In Kerala the death due to alcoholism is also very high. And this makes number of family problems in several families. So the alcoholism becomes a serious social issue. The alcohol, drug and tobacco abusers have failed to meet the society's standards. There is no single solution to alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse. We all have to do something for Kerala, for our better future and better new generation.
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    A very good information. Kerala is now facing lots of problems it is mostly affected to the youngsters. The leading use of alcohols and drugs are mostly in kerala and kerala has a record of most suicide occuring state. I don't know what will happen If our state gone a way like this. T.P murder is also showing that the Kerala is on a wrong track.

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    In the present time kerala is facing main problem is the using of alcohol and tobaco.These alcholic products is hugly using the present youth generation.Youth dont understand these products diaavantages...
    Kerala one of the most state in using of alcohol and tobaco.

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    The lifestyle of people in kerala has changed alot. Its youngsters who had changed more. They are more addicted to fast foods, alcohols, smoking, drugs such as brown sugar and cocaine and other things such as hans, pan parag etc. These drugs affects our health adversely.
    Using of alcohol causes liver damage, and drug usage will affect mental and physical health. Another dangerous thing is things like Hans and Pan Parag which causes cancer in mouth. The government has banned these things but still it is available easily for those who need. I surely say this is the incapability of the Government. I am sure that Government will not stop alcohol drinks since it is the large income way for government. Hope government will take serious steps to avoid atleast these dangerous drugs. More over we have to control ourself not to get addicted to these drugs.

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    Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death globally .At least half of all lifelong smokers die earlier as a result of smoking.The effects of addiction on society vary considerably between different substances that can be smoked and the indirect social problems that they cause, in great part because of the differences in legislation and the enforcement of narcotics legislation around the world. Though nicotine is a highly addictive drug, its effects on cognition are not as intense or noticeable as other drugs such as, cocaine, amphetamines or any of the opiates (including heroin and morphine).The government has banned these things but still it is available easily for those who need.Cigarette packets sold in India are required to carry graphical health warnings. The Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products (Packaging and Labelling) Rules 2008 requiring graphic health warnings came into force on 31 May. All tobacco products are required to display graphic pictures, such as pictures of diseased lungs, and the text SMOKING KILLS or TOBACCO KILLS in English, covering at least 40% of the front of the pack, and retailers must put the cigarette packs in such a way that the pictures on pack are clearly visible.

    Initially, cigarette packets sold in India were required to carry a written warning on the front of the packet with the text CIGARETTE SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH in English. Paan, gutkha and tobacco packets carried the warning TOBACCO IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH .
    The law later changed. According to the new law, cigarette packets were required to carry pictorial warnings of a skull or scorpion along with the text SMOKING KILLS and TOBACCO CAUSES MOUTH CANCER .

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    Yes, these are very dangerous, making people angry and deviating their happy life

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    Alcohol and tobaco products are 100 % dangerous for health. But most of people are addicted for these products. Government is also increasing the production of tobaco products instead of banned it. So, youngsters, we should get awareness about danger of alcohol and tobaco products and we must spread awareness about these products infront of blind peoples who was addicted for these products.

    But, whatever, it will reduce your lift time and others living life time. Please try to understand and avoid from it.

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    Primarily I would put the blame on all those whites who came hither to destroy us. Alcohol, smoking, shoes, socks and ties are not what we people in Kerala need. Its disturbing that we fail to notice our own body suffer under our craziness. Why people need to stiff up their toes with socks and tuck it into a thick leather shoe in Kerala? Its what the westerners need to escape from the cold. But here in Kerala it is ridiculous that young men stuff themselves up in socks and shoes and ties! Why ties? There isn't going to be a snow shower or fog or any such sort of weather conditions that would force you to do such craziness. Blind imitation of the west is what drives the young minds crazy.

    First recognize what you are doing and why you are doing, just because the young man next door dresses himself in executive style implied by the Wests and drinks liquor smokes and gets indulged with women you needn't be so. Its a shame that we let ourselves get manipulated by the systems of those usurpers. We had a culture, a dress code, a tradition. If it's hard to keep up with it and needs modification its fine modify your style but stop this blind imitation and this is a sincere request.

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    For next week Gujarat govt has ban tobaco. This is a good for the people of Gujarat. In the same way our govt should ban alcohol, cigratte and tobaco. Govt do not want to ban because they do not want to loss revenue.

    If we are not doing anything about this , in future it will be difficult to control. All the bussiness man bribe ministers to continuee the business.

    More over we should educate children regarding the disadvantage of this products.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Gujarat govt have taken really good step for stop the taboco products. Now a days governments are not taken proper step for stop from alcohol and cigerates. Cigerate is one of the most of useless product in the world because its unverified environmental and our health and other heath too. We must stop using these type of products. It will completely reduce our living life time and others life time too. We must care about these activities. At least we should spread awareness between peoples,because it can change 20% usage of these product. I am expecting pure India, youngsters have to take some steps instead of government. I hope one day India will stop these usage of products.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    This is a great piece of news. Gujarat has finally shown courage to pioneer the way. Kerala government also showed an excellent example by banning the pan masalas from market. There is a long way to go yet its good to know they are trying to take a step forward to a better world

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    Benefit of not drinking

    It helps me forget about my problems.
    I have fun when I drink.
    It's my way of relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day.

    Benfit of drinking
    My relationships would probably improve.
    I'd feel better mentally and physically.
    I'd have more time and energy for the people and activities I care about.

    Side effect if you stop suddenly

    Nausea or vomiting

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    So was this an encouragement or discouragement?

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