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    Animals are now in the verge of extinction - Why is it so ?

    Animals are living organisms which include 'carnivorous animals' which eat only meat, 'omnivorous animals' which eat both planet products and animals and 'herbivorous animals' which eat only plant products. Humanbeeings are also considered as an animal. There are a wide range of animal species seen and yet to be discovered in earth. Some of them have reached the verge of extinction.

    Dodo, dinosaurs, etc. are some of the animals that are extinct from earth. But there are many animals like Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Amur Leopard, Javan Rhinoceros, Northern Right Whale, Chinese Giant Salamander, etc. which are very few in numbers and are considered as endangered species. What is the main reason for this reduction in species population. Are we responsible for this ?. What all guidelines should we follow so as to save the endangered animals from extinction ?. Do respond and share some valuable tips. Best wishes.
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    These are the pictures of some other animals which are in the verge of extinction.

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    Animals or plants disappear from the earth when they find misfit here. The conditions on earth must be suitable for their living. There are several reasons for the condition changes. One is natural. The other reasons are to a certain extend man-made.

    Destruction of forests, wetlands, rivers, paddy fields, hills, etc. are all contributing to the changes of environment. Once the environment changes several living organisms find it difficult to live here. For example the increase in atmospheric temperature seriously affect many living organisms. Why, even human beings will find it difficult to survive.

    Another example for man made reason for the decrease of a species of living organism is here. Fresh water prawn is a prawn variety seen in Vembanad lake. This was available in plenty in the past. More than 400 tons of this prawn was reported to have caught annually during the period before the Thanneermukkam Bund was constructed near Cherthala in Alappuzha district. But after the construction of the bund the catch reduced to 39 tons.
    This is how the action of humans affect a living organism. The Bund constructed blocked the flow of water in the lake and thus lost the chance for fresh water on the eastern side of the bund to get mixed up with salt water available on the western side. This is a must for the life of this species of prawn.
    This just one example, there are many.

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    To add to the above remarks I like to add a little more facts. Lime shell was available in plenty in the Vembanad lake earlier. Most of the women folk staying around were depending on this clam resource for their living. Everyday they get into the water with a basket and collect the clams and come back to the banks. This they sell to those who make use of it for different purposes like making lime shell powder. The fleshy part (animal) inside is cooked and eaten. Now after the Bund was constructed the production of lime shell has reduced or almost stopped. The available ones are not having the quality required.
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    A large number of animals today are in a verge of extinction. This is mostly because of humans ourselves. The nature has been created with a balance in it by the almighty God. But we humans destroy this balance that are provided in the environment. This increase of extinction in animals is largely due to the greedy nature of humans for more money. They would go down hunting for animals such as tiger for their skin and many other parts. This poaching was among the serious problems for the survival of many animals. An increasing in this has caused a large number of animals to reach the verge of extinction.
    But humans are not the only factors responsible. There are also natural factors. A natural calamity like earthquake and floods can cause a decline in the numbers of many animals.
    Finally i would like to say that we humans should not harm animals for our own selfish requirements. We should try to protect these animals as they are also the citizens of this planet.........

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