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Tomato Fry Recipe - Kerala Vegetarian Curry for Chapati

This article describes step by step process to make Tomato fry Recipe. This is one of the common vegetarian curries you can make at home as well found at all restaurants in Kerala. This recipe is one of the favorites in Kerala.

Aviyal Recipe - Kerala Vegetarian Curry

This recipe describes on how you can easily make aviyal. Find out more for the ingredients and method of preparation. Aviyal, Kerala vegetarian curry is one of the Dishes present at any occasions in Kerala.

Ramzan Kerala Recipes

Some Ramzan recipes of meat, prawn and egg are given here. These recipes are rich of protein. At the same time kids and adults liking these recipes due to its taste. The rich protein content recipes for kids and are very easy to make and very less time is required for preparation.

Malabar special Unnakai - Ripe plantain filled with cocunut

Find the ingredients and preparation of Unnakai. Unnakai is a very famous Malabar snack. During Ramadan time almost all houses in Malabar area will prepare this snacks for Nombu thurakkal. Main ingrediants used for the preparation is ripr Plantain and coconut.

Kerala style mutton curry

The state of Kerala in South India offers excellent mutton recipes with special favours and spices. Read this article to know the recipe and ingredients needed for a delicious mutton curry in Kerala style.

Malabari prawns (chemmeen) curry with coconut milk

Chemmeen or prawns is a speciality in Kerala. It is uniquely made in Kerala using coconut milk which gives it an added flavour and taste. Read this article to know the recipe for Malabari prawns curry.

Kerala special dessert - Pazha Pradhaman

The desserts of Kerala are unique and extremely delicious. They are called as payasam in the local language, Malayalam. Read this article to know the recipe of Pazha Pradhaman which is a popular dessert for Kerala marriages too.

Naadan Fish Molee curry

Kerala is famous for its sumptuous fish curries. Fish molee is a delicious fish curry made in Kerala and the speciality being that coconut milk is added to it. Read this article to know the recipe for Fish molee curry.

Kerala style Fish Pickle

Kerala is famous for its home made pickles. One can make pickles out of many items such as mango, lemon, tomato, prawns, fish etc. Read this article to know the ingredients needed and the method to make Kerala style fish pickle.

Kerala style Varutharacha Kadala curry

Read how to prepare kerala style varutharacha kadala curry?varutharacha kadala curry looks very tempting. This kadala curry goes with almost all breakfast items. The Gravy is brown in colour and it consist of roasted coconut and spices.
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