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Vellinakshatram: Breath Cinema! Live Cinema

Vellinakshatram malayalam film magazine is one of the most popular periodical which highlight the doing and happenings in the film industry. Published by Kerala Kala Kaumudi, this entertainment magazine is widely read by the overseas Indian community around the globe. Segments like Hit Chart, VCD Releases, Locations Reports, Ithulukal, Fans Mail, Bollywood Buzz and news from Tamil industry keeps readers engaging till the last page.

Nana: The last word of entertainment

Nana malayalam film magazine is one of the top rated publication in malayalam. Widely read by malayalis around the globe, Nana has played a vital role in popularizing the best in the malayalam film world. It has also spotted many new talents and brought them to the attention of aficionadas of excellence in this media. Packed with style and opulence, Nana targets the young reading community who wish to keep themselves updated about on malayalam film industry.

Grihalaksmi: A companion for today's women

Grihalahsmi malayalam magazine published by Mathrubhumi is one of the popular women's magazine in Kerala. The magazine covers almost all aspect of feminine consciousness of all groups including beauty tips, film news, relationships, travel, and women's makeup tips. Grihalakshmi also provides guidance to Kerala women on Kids health, Kids Education and their upbringing. Read more to know about Grihalakshmi, the women's companion.

Emerging Kerala: A trendy magazine for business magnets

Emerging Kerala malayalam business magazine published by DC Media is one of the progressing periodical in Kerala. The magazine gives a comprehensive coverage of Kerala's business, economy and society. Giving conceivable, authentic and in-depth news on the prospective of Kerala's development, Emerging Kerala is aiming new heights in the near future. The news and views featured in 'Emerging Kerala' is widely discussed among the economic tanks.

Ente Bhavanam: A magazine for stylish living

Ente Bhavanam malayalam magazine published by Kalakaumudi group of publications is a periodical completely dedicated to fashion for homes and stylish living spaces. Ente Bhavanam which targets the home buyers and home lovers aims to help people who choose a home, be it a flat or a villa. Printed in multicolored pages, the magazine features all styles from classis to modern, traditional to amazing while delighting its readers from top to bottom.

Arogya Masika: Keep good health all day

Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika is a complete health magazine printed in malayalam language. Being one of the largest selling periodical on health and well – being, rather than providing health tips, the magazine serves are an absolute companion to our daily life. Articles on ideal diet and food habits have given a new lifestyle to its readers.

Dhanam: An ultimate magazine for today's business fraternity

Dhanam malayalam business magazine is one of the most circulated business and investment periodical in malayalam. Being the most comprehensive business magazine which extensively covering business news around the globe is widely read by corporate managers, political leaders, decision makers and economic thinkers. With a core team of youngsters, Dhanam has contributed much in the policy decision making of the government.

Fast Track: Let the wheels ride on your palm

Fast Track malayalam magazine published by Malayala Manorama Group is a popular automobile magazine in India. Being one of the favourite magazine among the automobile lovers, Fast Track covers areas of interest on cars and two wheelers. Comparison of cars from different manufactures makes this magazine different from others in the same genre. Read more to know about Fast Track magazine.

India Today: Zooming the real face of Indian society

India Today malayalam magazine is one of the leading national news magazines in Kerala. Published by Living Media India Limited, each issue of India Today focuses on interesting stories and shapes public opinion on various issues. As like its English edition, the Malayalam edition too delivers the same reliability, incisiveness and power to readers. Read more to know about India Today malayalam magazine.

Malayala Manorama Weekly: A family entertainer for passionate readers

Malayala Manorama Weekly is one of the largest circulated weekly magazine in India. Being considered as Kerala's best family entertainment magazine, this is truly a companion of teenagers and readers of other ages. Thickly packed with interesting stories, each issue of Manorama is worth of money. Read more to know about Malayalam Manorama weekly.
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