Tips for healthy and thick hair

Are you tensed about the increasing rate of your hair fall? Do not worry, if you are ready to follow certain traditional tips and methods, I have some suggestions for you. Read on to know better.


Having a thick and healthy hair is the dream of many girls. Unfortunately our climatic conditions and the improper usage of various products have lead to immense amount of hair fall. We have heard that falling of up to 100 hairs per day is normal, but what if new hairs did not grow? After few months you will become bald. Can you ever imagine that situation? If not, hurry up and follow the below mentioned tips to have a healthy hair.

Tips for healthy and thick hair

I do not have many tips to share with you but the below given points are just many steps of a single procedure. You need to follow it all to ensure better results. You will have to use oil in your hair as it is an essential factor that keeps your hair cool and moist. So anyone allergic to it, may stop reading here itself. This is the typical Keralite style of taking care of your hair.

  • Preparation of hair oil : First and foremost thing is to make a hair oil for your hair rather than depending upon the ready to use hair oils available at the market. Keralities normally use coconut oil in their hair as it is abundantly available in the state. We will make the coconut oil much more better by boiling it and adding some fresh and clean curry leaves to it. Sort until the curry leaves change their color and the oil will become slightly green in color. Off the flame and allow it to cool. Once cooled, remove the curry leaves from the oil and pour it into a bottle and you can use it for long. This oil helps in keeping your hair black.

  • Procedure to apply oil : Before using the oil directly into your scalp and hair, just take a little of it and make it warm and then apply it in your scalp by taking sections. You should massage it well so that the oil gets into your scalp. After the scalp is done, apply little oil to your hair and its tip. This prevents hair from breaking off and split ends.

  • Massage your scalp : After applying oil, you may massage your scalp thoroughly for 5 - 10 minutes with your finger tips in circular motion. his enhances the blood flow to your head thereby promoting the growth of hair. Do not do it in a hurry as you may end up breaking few of your hairs. After the massage is over, tie up your hair firmly and allow it the oil to get well set for about 30 minutes. You may alternatively use a shower cap to avoid oil flowing into your face.

  • Washing tips : It is recommended to wash your hair every alternate day. Daily washing can cause damage to your hair as the water we use these days are not very good. Secondly while washing and using towel to get rid of the water there are lot of chances to get tangles, this leads to hair fall. But do not keep the habit of washing your hair once or twice a week as it will get your scalp dried up and result in hair fall. Also dried up hairs are easy to break.

  • Use warm water : After 30 minutes of massage, get your hair washed off thoroughly. Avoid using shampoo instead you may use natural products. It is better to wash off your hair and scalp in warm water. This gives a fresh feeling to your hair.

  • Natural shampoos : The shampoos we get from the market are not free from chemicals, then why are we using them? it will only help in spoiling our hair. Always try to depend on natural products. You may use green gram powder to wash off the excess oil and dirt in your scalp and hair. This keeps your head cool. It is good for your overall health. Similarly you may use a paste made of hibiscus leaves (thali) or a paste made of fenugreek (uluva) to shampoo your head.

  • Natural conditioner : Henna acts as a natural conditioner and cooling agent to our hair. It is easily available in Kerala, but applying henna takes time, hence you may do it once in a week. Do not go behind chemical involved conditioners, it will tamper your hair gradually.

  • Remove tangles : After washing your head, get off the water using a towel. Do not be hard as it can increase the tangles. Do it smoothly, leave your hair open and allow it to dry. Once dried up, use your hand to remove the tangles. Don't be in a hurry here to as you may end up breaking your hairs. There are more chances of hair loss if you remove the tangles when it is wet.

  • Lets comb it : After the tangles are removed, comb your hair slowly. this helps in spreading the moisture present in your scalp to all the areas. After combing it well, tie it up with a light weight hair band. Using heavy hair clips will give unnecessary load to your hair.

  • Bed time tips : Never leave your hair open while sleeping. It can create tangles and will result in split ends. Comb your hair and tie it up firmly. It is better to use a ribbon or a hair band made of cloth. Avoid hair pins and clips. This helps your hair to stay in position throughout. Next day morning you may remove it and tie as you wish.


It is rightly said that hair is a factor that makes a girl look better. Unfortunately due to our busy life style we had to cut it up and finally had no time to take care of it personally. We then took the help of parlours and they ended up using chemicals for a temporary relief. We were happy with it then but later we realized that we are actually loosing our hair and that is when we start our search for hair care tips. I hope you have reached this page in a similar way. Whatever be it my tips above can surely help you out from this crisis.

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Author: Varghese13 Aug 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Hair is the one part which makes a girl/women more attractive.
Thanks for sharing the info with every1....

Author: S.Mita04 Sep 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3

We can use "Ritha" and "Shikakhai" to wash our hair.Sometimes when we soak Rithas we dont see enough lather to wash off our hair..
So here's a tip .U can boil Soaked Rithas in water for few seconds,and you will see required lather or foam coming out required to wash off our hair.
Ritha are good conditioners for our hair.ONce we start using them we dont require the chemical based one and it makes our hair look strong and shining !

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