Delicious chocolate recipes - Ingredients and preparation

Delicious chocolate recipes ingredients and preparation methods are given here. Chocolate recipes are the favourite dishes which are loved by everyone. These are very delicious dishes which can be prepared easily in the home itself. Read this article to know about the different recipes made of chocolate


Chocolate is a very tasty delicious dish made from cocoa. Actually all these chocolate taste are same but different flavor added during its manufacturing make it differ from other chocolate. Each manufacturer use separate mould for making chocolate. We can also make these types of chocolate taste in our home also. Here are the ingredients and preparation of some delicious chocolate recipes made from cooking chocolate.

1 Biscuits chocolate
2 Chocolate roller coaster
3 Chocolate bounty fondant
4 Butter scotch marzipan
Chocolate toffee

1)Biscuits chocolate

Biscuit chocolate - ingredients

1) Drinking chocolate powder - 100 gram
2) Cocoa powder - 30 gram
3) Ghee - 100 gram
4) Icing sugar - 50 gram
5) Marie biscuits - 10 no
6) Vanilla essence - 1/4 table spoon

How to prepare

First check whether the ingredients are present in front of us.Pour the chocolate powder and cocoa powder in a bowl and blend them well. Now melt the ghee in low power. Then add the mixed chocolate and cocoa powder along with the icing sugar to the melted ghee and mix them well. Take the mix to the oven and apply 8 minute in high power. Care should be taken to stir 1 or 2 times between these 8 minutes. Then keep it aside for cooling. Take butter paper and grease it well. After cooling the chocolate mixture add the add the vanilla essence and then dip each of the biscuits in this chocolate mixture. Now place each of the biscuits in the butter paper and allow it set for one day.

2)Chocolate roller coaster

Chocolate roller coaster- ingredients

1) Drinking chocolate powder - 100 gram
2) Marie biscuits - 1 packet
3) Grinded sugar - 2 cup
4) Milk - 1 cup
5) grated coconut - 2 cup
6) Milk powder - 1 cupDelicious chocolate roller coaster

How to prepare

Quash the biscuits in a grinder filter it well. Now add the chocolate powder, grinded sugar and the milk with the powdered biscuits and mix them well to form the dough. Now grind the grated sugar and heat it slightly without changing its color to remove its water content. Else there are desiccated coconut packet available in the market. Now add the milk powder to the desiccated coconut and blend well. Now divide this in to 4 sections . Also divide the chocolate dough in to four section and diffuse in to fine thickness as that of making chapati. It does not stick if a plastic paper placed between it while diffusing. Add the coconut mixture in each of the chocolate chapati and role it 2 or 3 times. Later keep it inside a fridge for 10 minute. Now take it out and cut in round shape and can be had with milk shake or with the evening tea.

3)Chocolate bounty fondant

Chocolate bounty fondant - ingredients

1) Milk powder - 100 gram
2) Powdered cashew nut - 75 gram
3) Condensed milk - 250 GRAM
4) Chopped almond - 25 gram
5) ghee - 30 gram
6) Rooty fruity - 30 gram
7) Mint essence - 1/4 table spoon
8) Glucose powder - 1 table spoon

How to prepare

Take some water in a bowl and add some Rooty fruity to it . Keep it for 1 hour and remove the water from it. Now add the different ingredients such as milk powder, powdered cashew nut, condensed milk, chopped almond, ghee, mint essence and glucose powder to the Rooty fruity and mix well. Now make the fondant in round or rectangular shape with the mix. Keep it aside for 12 hours in order to set and later it can be used.

4)Butter scotch marzipan

Butter scotch marzipan ingredients

1) Cocoa powder - 10 gram
2) Milk powder - 100 gram
3) Icing sugar - 100 gram
4) Drinking chocolate powder - 130 gram
5) Walnut - 2 no
6) Cashew nut - 5 no
7) Sugar - 2 table spoon
8) Cream - 1 tablespoon

How to prepare

Check whether the ingredients are present in front of us.Take a bowl and pour some sugar in it. Later melt it in the oven in medium power. Add the walnut and cashew nut to the melted sugar. Pour the mix over clean kitchen slab and keep it for cooling. After cooling break it from the slab by using a chapati rod and quash it. Mix the ingredients such as Cocoa powder, milk powder, icing sugar and drinking chocolate powder in a bowl and add cream little by little to make it in a paste form. Add the quashed caramel to this mix and blend well. Now we can make chocolate of any shape you like and keep it aside for 5 hours in order to set. Later it can be used.

5)Chocolate toffee

Chocolate toffee ingredients

1) Drinking chocolate - 30 gram
2) Condensed milk -200 gram
3) Ghee - 30 gram
4) powdered sugar - 50 gram
5) Cocoa powder - 20 gram
6) Liquid glucose - 1 table spoon
7) Vanilla essence - 1/2 table spoonDelicious chocolate toffee

How to prepare

First mix the ingredients such as cocoa powder, drinking chocolate ant the powdered sugar. Take a bowl and add the condensed milk and butter to it. Take it in to the oven and apply 6 minute in medium high. To this add the powder mix along with some liquid glucose and again apply 6 minute in medium power. Take the vessel out and keep it aside for cooling. Later add the vanilla essence to it. Now make it in round shape as that of sweets and keep aside for 24 hours in order to set.


Chocolate is the one of the delicious, soft food item favorite to everybody. If you have some interest and little imagination we can make different taste of chocolate in house itself. So don't just waist your time simply beeing idle. Hope in to your kitchen and make something special for your family.

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