School Bus GPS Tracking Systems in Kerala

Learn more about School bus GPS tracking systems in Kerala and how they work. School Bus GPS Tracking System allows to efficiently manage and track school buses so that the school authorities and parents know where their children are and be assured of their safety.

With the advent of a lifestyle that relies heavily on the amalgamation of the technology and day to day life activities, everybody has become more aware and inclined towards constant monitoring and tracking of every person and every possession of consequence. From checking on the well-being of old parents living in different cities or when you are out of your homes, to check the activities of the kids in the nurseries and play schools; from the travelling solutions that monitor the roads to the tracking of school buses – everything is feasible and gives a sense of security and safety when it comes to the parents. School Bus GPS Tracking System is one such technology that not only allows the transport manager to manage the school buses, their routes, times and the activities of the drivers but also offers assurance to the parents regarding the well-being of their child.

School Bus GPS Tracking System – What, How and Why???

School Bus GPS Tracking System is a GPS tracking system that is installed in all the buses and is to be left on permanently and some cannot even be turned off or removed altogether.
Having a central hub control from where the manager can easily track the activities of the driver such as the speed, any deviation from the regular and fixed route, driving recklessly, any accident, and any other kind of purposeless driving other than the meant purpose etc.; the School Bus GPS Tracking System not only ensures that the kids are always monitored and safe, it also offers the parents a relief from the raging traffic on the roads.
The School Bus GPS Tracking System comes in different forms such as a small terminal that fits nicely near the driver spot and also aids the drivers in finding the ways and routes in case they are new.
Though almost all the major schools are adopting the technology to ensure the safety and security of their pupils, the GPS Tracking System has been in use from quite a time now.

School Bus GPS Tracking System – Where to Buy From??

In this digital age, when everything is available online and not even a single thing comes without copies or low quality cheaper versions, the School Bus Tracking Systems are no exception. One can easily find hundreds of models at very attractive prices that claim to be the best and fail to reproduce the expected results when employed in the real-time environment. Thus, it is very important that instead of leaving each and everything to the IT department or computer manager of the school, a bit of research is done independently by the person in the office.
This will not only help the authorities to understand the importance and imperativeness of the technology but also allow them to make an intelligent choice while making the final purchase.
Buying mass units from some routine place that sells assembled goods can save you a few bucks initially, but will prove to be costly and drainage on resources in the long run.
ZKTeco is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality electronic goods with highly erudite and bright minds at work in the state of the art laboratories in the reputed Silicon Valley. Having achieved the status of being an excellent source of technology-based electronic equipment and devices; the company has many patents to its name in the field of security and biometrics.
Lanoviz is the official distributor of the ZKTeco products in India and offers all the products such as School Bus GPS Tracking System, Attendance Systems, Biometric Based Access Systems and lots of other monitoring and POS Systems.

Lanoviz – What makes it the best??

With the credibility of the ZKTeco and the assurance of quality of all the genuine products, the is the best source to buy School Bus GPS Tracking System and all the other related products. The company is the official Indian Distributor of ZKTeco products that have been reviewed and rated as the best ones in the world. What makes the whole situation even better is the fact that the products are available in highly affordable prices with no compromise on quality. The products can be customized and combined with almost all the other existing systems as they have been manufactured keeping compatibility in mind as well.

Choose for:
  • Highly efficient, smart, sleek, modern and good quality products that never fail you.
  • Products that have been designed and planned to keep the requirements of different kinds in mind.
  • Fool-proof and originally handcrafted technology that never fails to deliver more than the expectations.
  • Robust and long performing devices that stay easy on pockets and power.

School Bus GPS Tracking System – Features and Specifications:
  • The Vehicle Tracking System by Lanoviz is really ahead of its competitors and allows the managers at schools to stay in constant supervision without any fail.
  • Especially the Vehicle Tracking System has been designed to provide correct and exact locations and activity log or information without any hiccup. From speed to location and from driving logs to kilometers travelled every information can be tracked and managed. This also reduced the crime or any other mishap probability.
  • Multilingual Interface; Multiple Maps including Google Maps, Cargo Security, 24/7 Live Monitoring of the vehicle, personnel and the children.
  • Can be coupled with the door sensors to avoid forced entry.
  • Preventive maintenance that comprises various alerts and schedules notifications.
  • A personalized user interface that allows user-defined display parameters, view by events and different levels of abstraction for admin, driver, operator and viewers or parents etc.
  • Idle monitoring and alerts for constant supervision of the school bus and drivers.
  • The Vehicle Tracking System comes with full reporting tools such as readymade reports, reports based on events and user options for report sending by email etc.
  • The Vehicle Tracking System by Lanoviz also reports the vehicle status, Movement History Track, Full Usage Monitoring, Event Creation and supports interfacing with mobiles and Pads or tablets.
  • Every single driver event is reported inclusive of the turns, driver ID, idling and harsh braking.
  • Other impressive features include Geofence Creation, Vehicle Group Creation, Data Exporting, Landmark Creation and fool-proof management of the driver and students.

So, log on to and don't just give a conveyance to your students; Give them a fool-proof and ultra-secure travel. Choose Vehicle Tracking System by Lanoviz; Choose Safe and Secure transit for every student and every staff member…!!!
Log on to Lanoviz for more information.

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