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Rains in Kerala and it's problems

This article covers the problems created by rains in Kerala. The main problems include flooded roads, agricultural losses and diseases. The methods to prevent these diseases are also described here.

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Kerala in Rain

One more monsoon season has arrived. This year is no more different from last few years. The same fever, epidemics, monsoon-flood etc are still there to think of the last years. We need to think of them at least now itself. We all know that these monsoon related issues are not new. They didn't come as sudden. They have bee in and around us for the years. During the past years, people think of the rain season as a season of happiness. The rain was beautiful at that time. Now everything has changed in our 'God's own country'.

(i)The Flooded Roads
RdsWhen one thinks of the rains in Kerala, the picture comes in his mind will be the great roads in Kerala. They are the most disappointing feature during monsoon time. Flooded roads are common in big cities only a few years ago. But now the scenario has moved to all the small towns, and extending event to some village areas. The problem is that there is no way for the water to flow. How it will be there when everything is in concrete? It won't be nice to talk about the construction that has happened. But we need to think of some alternatives to check this to have a smooth transportation facilities through the roads. The best option is to construct channels/ canals on the sides of the roads. And it's such a disappointing fact that many of these water running canals in the cities are dumped with wastes and water flow is not possible through it. So, these canals should be cleaned before the monsoon. Don't make a concrete land in front of your home and other places. The concrete lands won't facilitate the flow of water into the soil and will cause flooding. Many of the roads are also destroyed during rains. So there should be good methods of construction of roads by the authorities.

(ii)Agriculture Loss
bThis is one of the great economical problem Kerala has been facing during monsoon time. Agricultural losses are even leading to some suicides by the farmers itself. And this is reducing a good portion of the food grains produced in the state. These agricultural losses are one of the reason leading to the withdrawal of Keralites from the field itself. So it is better that the Government could give the farmers something if they are facing agricultural losses. Many of the agricultural losses are the outcome of our own activities. There should be certain things completed before the rainy season's arrival. There will be small canals running on the sides of almost all the farms. The first thing should be done as a precautionary thing is to clean these canals. Many of the agricultural losses due to flooding are the result of these canals. Clean these canals such a way that it should have enough space for smooth running of water. If the width of these canals are less, increase the width. The loss by wind also can be stopped to a small extent. This can be done by choosing the correct place for farming. For example, if you can plant those crops which are easily affected by heavy wind (like rice, wheat etc which are fitted in the soil less tightly) in the places which are not affected by wind. So plant other crops which are having strong roots in the soil vice-versa.

(iii)Monsoon diseases
aThese are the greatest problems during rainy season. Of course, this will be there. But the problem is that it has been alarmingly increasing for the years. Kerala is shivering as like other years, but in a more worse manner. Sometimes, it may be the life style in the modern world that lead to this pathetic situation. In the olden golden days, people don't go for working like this. Today all are forced to work event in these time to withstand. We can also reduce these epidemics in much simpler manner. We have to take some preventive measures.

The following are the prevention you can easily do to check epidemics;
(a)Destroy the places in which mosquito breeds. Plastic cover, utensils which are not usable, chepals, bottles, tyres etc are the main breeding places. So destroying these places can check the mosquito growth. Remember that many of the diseases are spread by mosquitoes.

(b)Clean the places in and around your home. Don't leave any organic and inorganic wastes. Destroy the places filled with water. If such places are there fill some soil there.

(c)Check whether your toilet tank is completely closed and there are no holes in the tank. This is the best place for mosquito to breed.

(d) Don't allow rats to breed and grow. Kill them as far as possible. There are many devices available in the markets to trap rats.

(e)Use only hot water. Don't add some cool water to hot water to drink. This is the best place where bacteria can grow. So cool the hot water and then use.

(f) Avoid cold food items like ice-creams, ice, sip-ups etc.

(g)Use chepals wherever you go.

(h)Use only food items which are hot. Avoid decayed foods. It is nice to have more nutrient foods in the rainy seasons.

(i)Clean your hands properly with soaps before and after meals.

(j)Use kerchiefs to cover your nose while sneezing and coughing.

(k)If you are having any symptoms of diseases, don't wait and try your own methods of treatment, go to the nearest health centre for check up as soon as possible.

Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala.
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