It is use full for p.s.c candidates who are interested in it


AI- Artifitial Intelligent.
ALU-Arithmetic And Logical Unit
ASCII-American Standard Code For Information And Interchange
BASIC-Beginners' all purpose symbolic Instruction Code
CAD-Computer Aided Design
COBOL-Common Bossiness Oriented Language
CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAI-Computer Aided Instruction.
CD-Compact disk
CRT-Cathode Ray Tube
CPU-Central Processing Unit
DBMS-Data Base Management System
DTP-Desk Top Publishing
EDVAC-Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
ENIAC-Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator
FORTRAN-Formula Translation
GB-Giga Byte
HTML-Hyper Text Markup Language
IBM-International Business machine
IC-Integrated Circuit
INTEL-Integrated Electronics'
IP-Internet Protocol
ISP-Internet Service Provider
LAN-Local Area Network
LCD-Liquid Crystal Display
GUI-Graphical User Interface
CUI-Character User Interface
MB-Mega Bite
OS-Operating System
PC-Personal Computer
RAM- Random Access Memory
ROM-Read Only Memory
UPS-Un interrupted Power Supply
VIROUS-Vital Information Resource Under Sage
WWW-World Wide Web
GPS-Global Positioning System
FTP-File Transfer Protocol
ISP-Internet Service Provider
IEEE-Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers
HTTP-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
DNS-Domain Name System
ATM-Asynchronous Transfer Mode
GSM-Global System For Mobile Communication
RIP-Routing Information Protocol
URL-Uniform Resource Locater
MPEG-Motion Picture Experts Group
MTA-Mail Transfer Agent
JPEG-Joint Photographic Experts Group
E-mail-Electronic mail



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