Kerala enforces the ban on the Endosulfan use

The aerial spraying of Endosulfan in the cashew plantations of in the midst of the residents of the many villages in Kasaragod, Kerala caused many strange diseases and abnormal deaths. Now Kerala high Court is at the final stage of banning the usage of Endosulfan in Entire state.

Kerala forces to ban the Endosulfan usage

As the results of public screaming over the Endosulfan consequences in different parts of Kerala, especially in Kasaragod, recently, Kerala State Pollution Control Board (PCB) has banned the use of the awful insecticide across the State. PCB declared in a press meeting on Friday, Endosulfan was being in across the state

Endosulfan tragedy

Endosulfan tragedy in Kasaragod district of Kerala is another chemical disaster of country after Bhopal gas leak disaster in 1984 December. The Endosulfan victim's images and videos which are releasing by Medias are really hurting our minds. We can realize by viewing their conditions in Video clips on TV Channels.

Terrible consequences of Endosulfan

Endosulfan tragedySince 1976, Plantation Corporation of Kerala (PCK) was doing aerial spraying of Endosulfan regularly three times in year in the cashew plantations of in the midst of the residents of the many villages in Kasaragod district until 2005, to prevent the menace of the tea mosquito bug. As Endosulfan is, a highly toxic organochlorine pesticide, its rigorous use consequences harmfully mainly on human beings who are living in the villages of Cheemeni, Periya, Rajapuram, Muliyar, Panathadi, Padre and Perla of the district. PCK were doing this in an area of 4,700 acres in these villages and afterwards its destructive impacts already have an effect on over 20,000 persons by the different threatening kinds of incidence such as deaths, distortions of nervous system, brain abnormalities, cerebral palsy, mental and physical retardations, cancer formations and deformities in children. The Government of Kerala had given compensations of R.s 50,000 for each affected person's family in 2006. Later serious harmful impacts are discovered in new born children with worst innate variances. It has led to strange illness not only on human being but also on animals, birds etc.

What is Endosulfan?

Endosulfan is a toxic organochlorine compound which is developed in 1950. It has been used around the world in agriculture fields to prevent threats of pests and insects. Now, over 63 countries including New Zealand, Australia etc have been banned the usage of Endosulfan and other some restricted in agriculture fields because of its harmful side effects. But some countries like India allowed it to stay on markets. Kasaragod district in Kerala is the highly affected area.

Protests against Endosulfan

Indian Lowers Congress (ILC) had conducted an Endosulfan Victim's convection and submitted a memorandum to Government which demands complete ban on the usage of Endosulfan.

protestMany protest marches are carried out by villagers and other leaders to provide relief package and to take care the expenses of treatments. The Kerala high court would send a notice to HIL Company, which producing large volume of Endosulfan in Kerala, to stop the production. The public is still expecting about banning of Endosulfan by the High court of Kerala.

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The media in Kerala come out, these days, with news and views relating to the application of the pesticide in plantations and its effects on the life of people residing in the neighbourhood, especially in Kasargod area.

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Latest news coming from Stockholm convention at Geneva decided to ban Endosulfan globally against the wishes of India and China at the Stockholm summit.Kerala chief Minister V.S Achuthandan welcomes the decision of World wide ban of Endosulfan and he announced the govt will ask for compensation packages to rehabilitate the victims of endosulfan from the central govt

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