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Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Model Sample Question Paper

Find here kerala PSC deputy collector model sample question paper.

In each of these questions from the given choices, choose the one which is most appropriate so that the sentence not only makes sense but also is grammatically correct. In some sentences, if none of the four choices is applicable, then select choice(5) as your answer.

1. Your ____ nature will aid you in attaining success in every venture you undertake.
(1)Round (2)Amiable (3)Catalytic (4)Persevering (5)Lackadaisical

2. The soldiers fought splendidly bit being outnumbered far out of proportion they had to ____.
(1)Dessicate (2)Recede (3)Capitulate (4)Contemplate (5)Capture

3. Her ____ nature will help her realising the object of her desire.
(1)Obdurate (2)Obstinate (3)Persevering (4)Fascinating (5)Querulous

4. Since she is a teacher of language, on would not expect her to be guilty of a ____ .
(1)Schism (2)Aberration (3)Bombast (4)Tanchion (5)Solecism

5. His employer had all along been kind to him; so he ____ by being loyal to him.
(1) Reprimanded (2)Accommodated (3)Delegated (4)Reciprocated

6.During the freedom struggle, Jawaharlal Nehru was the ____ for most young Indians.
(1) Darling (2) Lodestar (3) Idealist (4) Facsimile (5)None of these.

7. His criticism was not that the economy was not growing at all, But of the ____ of urban growth at the expense of rural areas.
(1)Laziness (2)Facility (3)Lopsidedness (4)Extravagance (5)None of these.

8. The party leader did expect some criticism of his decision, but was taken aback by the near ____ of the members.
(1)Mutiny (2)Unanimity (3)Mutilation (4)Momentum (5)None of these

9. The lawyer had to find innovative arguments for his case; there was just no ____ that he could follow or quote.
1)Example (2)Quotation (3)Style (4)Precedent (5)None of these.

10.Sales representatives do not lead a normal family life because their jobs compel them to be ____.
(1)Away (2)Itinerant (3)Immobile (4)Commuters (5)None of these.

In each of these questions, select a word from out of the given alternatives (1),(2),(3) and (4) which has the OPPOSITE meaning to the given word. If any of these words is not the answer, then select item 5 as your answer.

(1)Discouraging (2)Disguising (3)Bright (4)Tragic (5)None of these

(1)Loud (2)Melodious (3)Sonorous (4)Harsh (5)None of these

(1)Disconnected (2)Timorous (3)Disputed (4)Contented (5)None of these

(1)Decent (2)Ribald (3)Abusive (4)Mitigated (5)None of these

(1)Passing (2)Sensuous (3)Permanent (4)Distasteful (5)Popular

(1)Equation (2)Exhibit (3)Dissimilarity (4)Create (5)None of these

(1)Criticize (2) Accelerate (3)Improve (4)Procrastinate (5)None of these.

(1)Glorify (2)Produce (3)Yield (4)Vilify (5)None of these

(1)Profundity (2)Slowness (3)Uncertainty (4)Artistry (5)None of these.

(1)Unearthed (2)Drunken (3)Unofficial (4)Sober (5)None of these.


1.(4) 2.(3) 3.(4) 4.(5) 5.(4) 6.(2) 7.(4) 8.(2) 9.(4) 10.(2) 11.(3) 12.(2)
13.(4) 14.(1) 15.(3) 16.(5) 17.(4) 18.(1) 19.(4) 20.(4)

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