Most amazing facts about Aranmula Kannadi - History, Craftsmanship,Making and Beliefs

Aranmulam kannadi is one of the fascinating mirror from Kerala with some amazing facts. The relation of aranmula kannadi to the place aranmula, the craftsmanship in the making of the mirror, manufacturing methods of aranmula mirror are included here. Moreover the fact that the aranmula kannadi is a symbol prosperity is also explained.

Aranmula kannadi or the Kerala mirror has some fantastic facts to reveal about its origin existence and principle. Being the scientific wonder of Kerala, it is internationally acclaimed. Apart from the scientific values people also believe it to be an icon god, peace and prosperity. When we explore about the origin about this spectacular mirror, we can see the history of Kerala being written poetically on the handles of Aranmula mirror. Let us study most spectacular facts about the aranmula kannadi here.

1.Aranmula and aranmula kannadi

aranmula templeAranmula kannadi is a most special mirror as it is only produced in the Aranmula village,pathanamthitta, of Kerala. That itself points to the name this magical mirror has been entitled. Aranmulla is also known for the thiruvaranmula temple, an ancient temple which was built some 1000 years ago. Historic aranmula is also known for the Aranmula boat race happening in the occasion of onam. History tells us that during the early periods of king rule, that of king marthanda varma, in relation to temple work which preceded at aranmula, some of the artist came across a enchanting combination which on combination could produce the marvel called the aranmula mirror. May the fear of losing the credit and wealth, what today we protect by patent, kept the secret of its making entitled only to the very family. As a result the Thikkinampallil family could produce this wonderful piece of work through out the generations. This patent protected art, even though the exact combination is still unknown people widely believe that it is produced out of a superb combination of copper and tin.

2.Craftsmanship of aranmula kannadi

It often told that the greatest paintings and sculptures are always born right from the delicate fingers. No wonder that all aranmula kannadi mirrors are made directly by human hands. You may think that the cost factor is most important reason behind the restricted production of aranmula kannadi. But it is not the case; making of the aranmulla kanadi is not one of the easiest tasks in the world. Yes, this fact simply underlines the fact that hard work always pays. Making of a single Aranmula kannadi may take months of careful and dedicated effort from the maker. Today this enchanting mirror is available in large number of variants. This variation is brought only in the frame, size and artwork done alongside the mirror, material always remain the same. And at last when you hold in your very hand, craftsmanship speaks and you will never believe your image.

3.Making of aranmula kannadi

Recent marketing methods and techniques have revealed something about the making of aranmula kannadi. Even though the data is limited it is worth mentioning here. Copper, tin, silver, bronze in addition to the top secret aranmula components are used for the making the mirror. Similar to the casting process the crude composition is formed with the help of these metals. The mud available in the common paddy field is used for the casting purpose. A process called lost wax casting method is followed by this is used to ensure the efficiency of casting and reduce the discrepancies that might have crept in. After that comes the difficult polishing task using Burned clay powder mixed with a kind of oil is used for the polishing needs. As already mentioned this is the most time consuming phase in the mirror making. Process is continued till the surface acquires the best in it to shine every thing that falls on it. Fixing of so produced 'gems' to specially designed brass frames only the last step in the construction. In short it is all about composition, hard work, patience and skill.

4.aranmula kannadi the symbol of prosperity

The exquisite Aranmula Kannadi is treated as the supreme symbol of piece and prosperity widely. You might have seen the fascinating 'kannadi' being occupied in the guest room of many houses and business enterprises. As the myth about the origin of Aranmula kannadi points to the story that is involved in the making of the temple makes it a divine symbol. In another myth about the origin of the mirror, it is depicted as the gift of devi to the village to overcome all their difficulties and bring in prosperity and wealth. This feature of aranmulla mirror have really accounted for the high market value and demand for the same. But what is most important is the element of effort and magic behind the creation of such a mirror. And all that symbols the qualities and elements of hardwork and truth can give us positive energy. A similar thought can produce nothing equally as that of aranmulla mirror to hold the precious space in your sweet home.

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Author: T.M.Sankaran09 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror of Aranmula) is actually made only at Aranmula, as the name indicates. But some families are making it now in other parts of Kerala as well. May be perhaps they are some way connected with Aranmula. Because I have seen the same being made in a village in Palakkad district.

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