Aranmula Mirror: It's Importance, Types, Models & Ingredients Used For Preparation

Read this article to know the types, models & importance of Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror. Here you can also see the important ingredients used for the preparation of Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror. Since the prices for Aranmula Kannadi is high, extreme care must be taken while buying it. That means don't get cheated.

Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror

KannadiThe Aranmula Mirror or the Aranmula Kannadi is a precious gift, beautiful, attractive, front surface reflection mirror & at the same time it is a rare craft. The important point regarding Aranmula Mirror is that it is made up of metal alloys & another point is that this mirror can eliminate the secondary reflections & aberrations that are typical of black surface mirrors. Also note that Aranmula Mirrors are considered as the unique & the legendary metallic mirrors. This mirror brings luck, wealth as well as prosperity & is one among the important item in Ashtamangalaya set. This is believed to be the mirror of goddess Parvathi. Very few artisans from families in Aranmula are engaged in the making of Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror. It should be noted that these mirrors are granted with GI status, which means the Geographical Indication status. Extreme care must be taken to keep away dust particles from getting into contact with the Aranmula Mirror. This metal mirror is present in the British Museum situated in London. This is a must in Vishukkani. It is interesting to note that no modifications have been done in the procedure of making Aranmula Mirror or Aranmula Kannadi.

How Aranmula Mirror is formed?

KannadiThe exact proportion of the metals used in the formation of Aranmula Kannadi is not known to anybody except the persons who makes it. Remember that it is a secret that is passed from generation to generation. Anyway the two important metal alloys used in the manufacture of Aranmula Kannadi are Copper & Tin. In chemical terms Copper is represented by the symbol Cu & Tin is represented by Sn. Along with this, special type clay, charcoal, coconut husk, furnaces, clothes for polishing, coconut oil( for removing the scratches while polishing), hammer etc are needed for the making of an Aranmula Mirror. Here Copper &Tin are mixed in a specified proportion. The purpose of using coconut husk is to retain the heat & temperature of the furnace is 400 degree Celsius. Extreme care & patience is needed for the making of Aranmula Mirror. Also remember that the polishing process in Aranmula Mirror making takes several days.

How to distinguish between a Normal Mirror & Aranmula Mirror?

KannadiKannadiThere are different types of mirror available in the world. Is it possible to distinguish between a Normal Mirror & Aranmula Mirror? My answer is yes. In the case of Aranmula Mirror the reflecting surface is a metal & not mercury backed. So when you place a fingertip on this Aranmula Mirror, there is no gap at the front edge of the glass & the image. But in the case of a Normal Mirror, a gap is seen.

Types, Models & Prices of Aranmula Mirror

KannadiKannadiThe prices of Aranmula Mirror usually range from 600 to 1 lakh Indian Rupees. The main reason for the high charges of Aranmula Mirror is the rise in labor charge, price rise for ingredients used in making mirror etc. There are different types of Aranmula Mirror. They are
1.Small Valkannadi
2.Table Mirror
3.Giant Table Mirror
The different models of Aranmula Kannadi are
1.Alila Leaf Model
2.Mayil Val Kannadi
3.Dolphin Model With Base
4.Kingini Sankh With Base Model Aranmula Kannadi
5.Sankh Kingini With Lotus As Base
6.Lotus Model Aranmula Kannadi
7.Sun Model With Back Stand
8.Thiruvonathoni- Aranmula Snake Boat Shaped
9.National Award Nominated Kathakali Model
10.Elephant Face Mirror
11.Sankh Model
12.Arayannam Model

Where to buy & how to buy Aranmula Kannadi?

If you have any option to visit Aranmula, or any friends or relatives there, then it is the best way to purchase the famous Aranmula Kannadi. Don't get cheated while buying this mirror.

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