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Merits and demerits of mobile phones

Mobile phone is a portable communication device, which otherwise termed as cell phone or cellular phones. It can either be used for voice calls or as a messaging device. The most modern mobile phones provide Short Message Service (SMS), multimedia message service (MMS) and even internet browsing and email. In this article, read some merits and demerits of mobile phone

Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala.
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The hand held mobile phones came into existence somewhere during 70's, and in India during 90's. India is the second largest, in mobile telecommunication system. As the number of service providers increased, the rates had to decrease. The main service providers are "Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea cellular and BSNL.
With the emergence of more and more mobile service providers, the monopoly of land line service provider (BSNL) seems to be in threat and forced them to be more efficient in the quality of their service.
With the invention of mobile phones the vast world had shrunk into our palms. However far our dear and near, you can be in touch with them, irrespective of your position.

Merits of mobile phones:

All the features of the instrument can be considered as merits of it.
a) Never you will feel alone, always you can be in touch with your dear and near.
b) Will help you to get assistance in emergency.
c) In unforeseen circumstances like accidents, it will help to identify the person.
d) One can enjoy favorite songs, games and videos while travelling in bus and train.
e) An eye-catching scene on the way side can be copied using your camera phone.
f) One can check e-mails or even browse internet using a suitably equipped mobile.

Demerits of mobile phones:

All the merits of it can turn demerit, when not used properly. The added features in most modern instrument like camera, voice recorders and blue tooth facility are being widely misused.
Physical damages caused by use of mobile phones:
a) Excess use of mobile can be harmful to the brain as it emits and receive electronic waves. Try to use an ear phone.
b) Do not store it in the chest pocket of shirt. Instead use a pouch in waist belt.
Social problems caused by mobile phones:
a) It can be dangerous to use mobile while driving.
b) While using it in public area, make sure it is not disturbing others in the vicinity.
c) It becomes an addiction, like most other intoxicating substance like cigarette, coffee, tea or alcohol.
d) At times it disconnects you from your neighbors, while you are connected with those at the other end of the globe.

Some tips to use mobile phones.

a) Try to keep it in silent mode in crowded places.
b) Try not to disturb others while you speak in mobile.

Some hidden facts about mobile phones.

a) If you happen to be in an out of coverage area, and have an emergency, dial 112, the mobile will establish the emergency number with the available network. 112 can be used in key pad locked condition too.
b) If you happen to lock you car key inside the vehicle, which has a remote operated doors, and spare key is at home, use your mobile to call someone at home and ask them to press the unlock button holding it near to their phone. Keep your mobile near the car door. It will unlock.
c) If you battery is very low, press *3370# your phone will restart with its reserve and it will show 50% increase in power.
d) You can disable the stolen mobile phone by informing the serial number of your mobile to your service provider. To get the serial number of your mobile, key in *#06#A from your phone. A 15 digit number will display on the screen. The service provider can block your phone even if the SIM is changed. Thus stopping misuse of it.

Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala.
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