Tips to improve your personality

Read the article Tips to improve your personality. Most men and women believe that personality is in borne, or, it is something which cannot be changed. The reality is that it can be changed with regular practice As how we nourish our other in borne talents like painting, drawing and acting. Read here some tips to improve personality

The cells, by which our body is built, are rapidly undergoing change every now and then. As such the organs will also change in shape, size and its structure. These changes will eventually affects our health, emotions, desire and thoughts. Since these are the elements, which decides his personality, a change in these elements will change his personality.
The personality of an individual is not inborn. One can change it as he desires. Every individual has the power to change their personality. Only thing, one must exploit the ability within him. Through constant exercise, one would be able to change his personality.
Attracting personality: There are certain individuals, with whom we may spend hours together. In other words we are pleased to be with him. We believe him, like him, take advice from him. Their presence pleases us in many ways.

How to improve personality

Be cheerful A cheerful face will attract others to you. Be calm and listen others with a smiling face.
Believe others and get believed by others A man who believes others will be believed by others. If others think that information passed on to you are secure. They will open their mind. There are lots of men and women, who cannot keep secrets. They have to tell some one about it. For them you will a relief.
Be tolerant Be patient to listen to others. They may be describing their difficulties, grievances or they may be anticipating a suitable advice to the problem what they are facing. Try to suggest a suitable advice or guide them to some, whom you think better in that particular case.
Appreciate goods deeds One may come across different types of people in day to day life. All, irrespective of age or sex, values appreciation. A good deed must be appreciated. At the same time a wrong one should be criticized, by pointing out the wrong in it.
Help the needy Try to develop a helping mentality. Other than financial help, lots of other ways are there to help a person. If you cannot help him, try to direct him to an appropriate place where he can get help.

Some tips to improve personality

Speak bold. If you are not certain about a topic express it frankly.
Be optimistic. Always think about positive and negative side of an issue.
Accept the mistake, if any happened. It would be good not to conceal it.
Be impartial when you have to take decision.
Be a good listener. Always try to listen both the sides.

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