Athreya Ayurvedic Resort Kottayam - Best Resort For Ayruvedic Treatments

Athreya resort in Kottayam is an ayurvedic holiday resort in kerala, and is a backwater side resort in Kottayam, and is famous with various ayurvedic treatments like Yoga, Panchakarma, weight loss program, swimming program, anti aging treatments, rejuvenation therapies, meditation, detoxification, Pizhichil etc. Athreya resort is one of the famous resort with holiday packages and backwater side resort in Kerala. Here is including the, pictures, Address and contact details of Athreya Resort, Kottayam Kerala.

Athreya Resort in Kottayam -picture
Athreya Ayurveda Resort, kttayam is located in the middle of paddy files, and palm groves on the shore of Kumarakom bachwaters. The surrounding location of the Athreya Ayurveda Resort is full of ayurvedic medicinal plants and herbs with beautiful background of Kumarakiom backwaters. The resort is mainly built by traditional wood and designed like ancient kerala's home style. Their welcome block at the entrance hall ad reception is more beautiful in its designing this will be reflects the beauty of ancient kerala. The surrounding greenish atmosphere and fresh air of the Athreya Ayurveda Resort is giving good relief from our busy life and stress. The building is mostly made by wood and stone in traditional style with a traditional ‘Thulasi thara'. The Athreya Ayurveda Resort is widely spread in 4 acres of beautiful land.

Facilities in Athreya Ayurveda Resort, Kottayam

athreya tmosphere
In Athreya Ayurveda Resort there is a facility to private consultation with their Ayurvedic Physician in their consultation rooms. As per the doctors prescription there is arranging ayurvedic treatments and therapies for their guests for rejuvenating body. For rejuvenation therapy they are using various ayurvedic herbs and oil to remove toxic substances from body by massaging and various other therapies. For accommodation facility there is arranging about 20 cottages with all facilities. For their guests there is available various packages as per their needs. In Athreya Resort has its own school for Karate, Kungfu and Kalaripayattu. There is also available dental check up by their dental surgeon.

Ayurvedic Centre in Athreya Resort, Kottayam

Athreya Resort offering high quality traditional ayurvedic treatment including Yoga, Panchakarma, weight loss program, swimming program, anti aging treatments, rejuvenation therapies, meditation, detoxification etc. The Ayurvedic treatment center in Athreya Ayurveda Resort is a multi- stored building located few meters away from their cottages to ensure the peaceful atmosphere to their guests. Each treatment in the Athreya Ayurveda Resort is started as per the prescription of their doctor. To ensure a standard ayurvedic treatment for their guests they are arranging all facilities and equipments that is required for an ayurvedic centre which include ‘dronni' which is a long table a specially designed table for oil massage by their experienced staff. As part of rejuvenation therapy there is also have steam bath chamber. The treatments are included Panchakarma and Pizhichil. Panchakarma is a health care ayurvedic program in Athreya Ayurveda Resort which is a cleaning and rejuvenation therapy offering overall health and well being sense. Pizhichil is a special treatment in Athreya Ayurveda Resort using oil to poured on the body from the highest of the patient with continues massaging, and conducted by the doctors prescription and decision. In addition to these treatments there is also have ayurvedic ‘Suka Chikiltsa' for their guests under supervision of doctor.

Special packages and Tariff of Athreya Ayurveda Resort, Kottayam

There is including special packages for Rheumatoid-arthritis, Cervical spondilosis, classical Ayurveda, Panchakarma , Rejuvenation , Osteo-arthritis, Psoriasis, and Obesity. Packages are available for both single and two persons. For this they are including Deluxe, Standard and Economy packages. Each packages including non alcoholic welcome drink, free internet access with out downloading, and suitable ayurvedic meals. Treatment process and duration is varying depending on our body condition and doctors prescription. In Athreya Ayurveda Resort, packages including two categories one is Preventive health care for stay healthy and other is Curative healthcare, a treatment for curing a particular diseases. The special ayurvedic treatment Panchakarma in Athreya Ayurveda Resort is special treatment for almost all diseases like anorexia nervous, bulimia , cardiac disease, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatic complaints, cervical spondylosis, irritable bowel syndrome, osteo- arthritis, lumbar, crohns disease, computer vision syndrome, geriatric ailments, hypertension, pediatric ailments, acute disc prolapse with radiculopathy, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, compressive myelopathy, radiculopathies, spinal -lumbar canal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis, gynecological disorders - dysfunctional uterine bleeding fibroid uterus endometriosis, adenomyosis, leucorrhoea - candidiasis - trichomoniasis - uterine (cervical) polyp cervical erosion - menopausal syndrome dysmenorrhoea - oligomenorrhoea & hypomenorrhoea, poly cystic ovarian disease, infertility, chronic perennial rhinitis, schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression, hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome, acute hepato cellular jaundice, vessiculo bullous eruption, psoriatic arthropathy, lower back ache of various reasons, all non surgical spinal cord pathologies etc…

Tariff (rate of package) in Athreya Ayurveda Resort, Kottayam
The rate varies for different packages are given below:-

The rate for classical Ayurveda - for single person -5958(deluxe), 4923(standard), 3475(Eco) for duel persons - 4060(deluxe), 3485(standard), 2680(Eco)

The rate for Panchakarma- for single person -7733(Deluxe), 6698(Standard), 5249(Eco) for duel persons - 5835(Deluxe), 5260(Standard), 4455(Eco).

The rate for Rejuvenation - for single person6983(Deluxe), 5948(standard), 4499(Eco) for Duel persons - 5085(Deluxe), 4510(Standard), 3705(Eco)

The rate for Osteo-arthritis - for single person - 7033(Deluxe), 5998(standard), 4549(Eco) for duel persons - 5135(Deluxe), 4560(standard), 3755(Eco)

The rate for Cervical spondilosis - for single person - 6933(Deluxe), 5898(standard), 4449(Eco) for duel persons - 5032(Deluxe), 4460(Standard), 3655(Eco)

The rate for Rheumatoid-arthritis- for single person - 7133(Deluxe), 6098(Standard), 4649(Eco) for duel persons 5235(Deluxe), 4660(Standard), 3855(Eco)

The rate for Psoriasis- for single person - 7033(Deluxe), 5998(standard), 4549(Eco) for duel persons - 4962(Deluxe), 4560(Standard), 3755(Eco)

The rate for Obesity - for single person - 7633(Deluxe), 6598(Standard), 5149(Eco) for duel persons - 5735(Deluxe), 5160(Standard), 4355(Eco)

Accommodation facilities in Athreya Ayurveda Resort, Kottayam

In Athreya Ayurveda Resort has seven single bed room cottages in traditional style. Each rooms has attached bathrooms 24 hours availability of hot and cold water. Each cottages has dressing room, fridge, telephone facility, CCTV and a traditional cit- out.

Athreya Ayurveda Resort has Royal cottages built in traditional style called 'Arayum Nirayum' facing backwater beauty and green paddy fields attractions. Each Royal cottage consist of well arranged Traditional designed Veranda, the bed room attached bathrooms, fridge, dressing area CCTV, 24hours hot and cold water facility, telephone.

Athreya Resort also has four A/C Deluxe cottages with attached bathrooms. It has designed with a traditional sit out, dressing area, cold and hot water facility in bathroom, CCTV, etc. This cottage is mainly created for families with children those are liking to spend their holidays in Athreya Resort.

How to reach in Athreya Ayurvedic Resorts, Kottayam

We can reach to Athreya Ayurvedic Resort easily from Cochin Airport and Nedumbasserry Airport about 110 kilometer distance. We can reach there by train, about 5 kilometer distance from Kottayam railway station. We can reach there by bus from Kottayam transport bus stand about 4.5 kilometer distance. We can reach there from Trivandrum about 150 kilometer distance.

Address and contact details of Athreya Resorts, Kottayam

Athreya Ayurvedic Resorts
Pakkil P. O., Pallom, pin : 686012.
Kottayam, Kerala, India, Emails:
Tele/Fax: +91-481 - 2360789
Phone: 0481 - 2360456 / 2360789

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